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In an age where everything is trackable, fitness apps and products have boomed, as personal trainers, team managers, and athletes have found new ways to keep track of their data. Ichor Fitness is one such product, and promises 24/7 access to an athlete’s well-being.

The video begins with a black background, which persists throughout. Backlighting gives the effect of late nights on the field—white beams glancing across the screen. The music has an epic intensity, meant to get the blood pumping and an athlete excited to get going. The video is narrated by a woman with a strong voice and british accent, which adds to the intensity.

The video features a slew of athletes, all in the midst of training. They run through exercises meant to impress—lifting heavy weights, flipping an enormous tire, running with a parachute behind. Each athlete is subtly sporting an Ichor Performance and Wellness Monitor, though if the viewer doesn’t know what to look for, they’ll miss it. There’s very little mention of what the product actually is or does in this promo video. However, the well-toned athletes give the viewer, a sort of inspiration to go out and do what they’re doing and wear what they’re wearing.

The Ichor Performance and Wellness Monitor looks like a smartwatch, though instead of a screen, it has a black face with the Ichor logo on front. The logo is a stylized EKG line, like that of a heart monitor reading a pulse. If the viewer isn’t paying attention to these wearable wrist monitors, they’ll miss the promotion of the product.

The video ends with a quick montage of all the featured athletes, and then the ichor logo takes over the screen. This is the moment where the brand is featured the most, but any mention of what the product is or does is left out and the viewer is left wondering. Those curious will certainly look up the brand online. The ichor logo at the end includes the brand name with it, an italicized, bold font with a 3D effect.

Ichor is certainly a product serious athletes, trainers, and team managers will want to look into in order to track all the needed data for improved performance.

Ichor Fitness is an elegant promotional video.