The DVI Group | Atlanta Video Production | IMI Promotional Video

IMI is a British based engineering company. The focus of this video was to show their manufacturing work in the beverage dispensing business. However, rather than focus on the metal and math, this video gets down to the ingredients and craft of beverage dispensing, and it’s beautifully executed.

The video opens up with a black screen, and a male narrator with a deep voice discusses crafting the perfect beverage. Using macro photography, a camera opens onto the surface of a brown, wooden table. The table is the main set for the video, and the camera rarely shifts from it. Round coriander seeds scatter across the surface of the table in slow motion, and then the camera shifts to a pair of cupped hands, dropping a different ingredient down, presumably onto the table as well. These two shots are utilized throughout the video, each time a different ingredient is added and mixed into the concoction—orange peels, herbs and spices, vanilla beans, cherries.

All of these ingredients are pooled into a mason jar, and liquid is poured over them. The combination of everything—the ingredients, the cinematography, the camerawork—makes the mouth water.

Six times throughout the video, onscreen text expands from center screen. Each time, the word complements both the narration and the videography—Manage, Create, Automate, Inspire, Mix, Connect. The text is a modern, round sans serif, and is always white in lower case.

A few different types of drinks are hand crafted throughout the video, all memorable in their own way through the use of ingredients and craft. The last segment of the commercial is of the beverage crafter, whose face is never shown, creating a lemon and papaya drink. The camera zooms close up on the rim of the glass, where a slice of lemon and a cinnamon stick are resting. The screen goes black, and when it fades back in, the camera has zoomed out, the cinnamon stick is on fire, and the IMI logo is off to the right. The last stem of the letter M in the logo goes down below the baseline.

Anyone in the beverage crafting business will be interested in this video, and after watching it, they’ll likely want to find out more about the IMI products available to help them improve their craft, taste, and business.

IMI Promotional Video is an elegant commercial video.