Standout features:

  • Attractive illustrations
  • Seamless animation
  • Message-focused visuals

Yans did well to put together an effective video to introduce what KeyCard has to offer. There’s no shortage of quality illustrations and 2D animations as soon as you play the brand’s explainer video.

Transactions are of utmost importance to anyone looking to secure their funds in the digital world. The video perfectly represents the e-commerce platform in a straightforward manner. There’s no fluff or unnecessary fillers within the one-minute and thirty-second-long video.

It starts with clear illustrations of a smartphone, which is the primary medium of KeyCard, accompanied by crisp audio narration that sheds light on the visual aids. Everything is put together in a manner that puts user security at the focal point.

The agency made this explainer video effective by focusing on the core features of KeyCard. Sprinkled with relatable elements and well-curated visual representations of the brand, they managed to attract viewers to watch until the last second.

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