The Power of Words

The Power of Words pulls at the heartstrings. Its purpose is to depict, as the title states, how different words can change the outcome of any venture. 

The short video opens with a blind beggar at the base of some stairs, a regal building at the top of the steps in the background that could be a city hall or a bank. His sign simply reads, in jagged, all caps handwriting, “I’m blind, please help.” He has on a jacket and a scarf, and passersby are wearing warm clothes to denote the cold temperature. Soft piano music sets the scene with a steady pace in a minor key. 

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A woman in sunglasses and a slim, black pea coat passes the man and, without giving any money to him, writes a new message on his cardboard sign. Her shoes are dark green and are an important piece of the video, for the blind man reaches out to touch them in order to be able to recognize the woman. 

We do not see what the woman has written, and this adds intrigue as the video progresses, for more and more people continue to give the man their pocket change until his cup is overflowing.

The lighting does not change much throughout the video, so we can see that in just a very short time, a difference in words (even though we don’t know what the new words are yet) has completely changed the outcome of this man’s day. 

The woman in the black pea coat returns and the man recognizes her again by her dark green shoes, by touching them with his fingertips. Again, she doesn’t give him any change but tells him what she changed his sign to, and the camera pans to the side to show the viewer the new phrase, written in sharpie, in all caps, “Today is a beautiful day, and I can’t see it.” The word “can’t” is in bold.

The video ends with a simple written message. White, sans serif text on a purple backdrop, tells the viewer that changing a few words can change their entire world.

The Power of Words is an amazing commercial video.

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