Tiffany & Co. — Holiday 2016: Make The World Sparkle

“Make the World Sparkle” is jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.’s Holiday 2016 advert. The iconic company, which was first founded in New York, takes care to present itself as a brand rooted inn its New York heritage. It also takes great care to advertise its famous blue box, something that has become synonymous with class and festive gifting over the decades of Tiffany’s existence.

The video uses a compelling storytelling method, engaging the audience with visuals of New York City in the winter as well as a dancer. It integrates these visuals with stunning images and clips of Tiffany’s jewelry, including a diamond ring and a bracelet. The visuals all evoke an emotional response from the audience, as they all represent feelings related to the festive season, like love, romance, gifting, sharing, and joyous celebration. The colors of these visuals are also stunning, ranging from black and white to the Tiffany blue to light pastels. The video manages to connect with the audience and follows a clear strategy: reminding the viewer that a gift from Tiffany would be especially appreciated by loved ones. 

As a luxury brand, the video also has a luxurious charm to it, with great attention to detail paid in the minor details, like snowflakes, décor, and facial expressions. The musical score is also lively and festive, and moves along with the action of the clip, making for a very appealing viewing experience. Special attention is also paid to the Tiffany boxes, iconic in their own right as holiday staples. They are shown as tree decorations as well as objects that evoke a response from characters in the clip, including a small boy and the dancing lady. In all, the Tiffany advert does a great job of representing the brand identity while also promoting its products as ideal for gifting.

Make The World Sparkle is an emotional commercial video.