"Tiki Tiki" by Poncho

“Tiki Tiki” is an animated music video by the Argentine pop band Poncho. We follow a young man on a journey that eventually takes him to an oversized primitive goddess figure in a position of sexual receptivity.

The entire video, which can be described as a modern psychedelic fantasy, is created from colorful illustrations, with no live images or characters. Many of the images are abstract and morph from one shape to another. The song is an upbeat synthpop creation where paint splotches turn into the lyrics “Hey” and “na na na na” blown up in fat letters to dance across the screen in several choruses.

A young man with blond dreadlocks walks and dances from the right edge of the screen to left; it is clear that he is on a continuous journey forward. He encounters different animals and they join him on his musical adventure. He moves through a forest of cacti, followed by a large bird on foot. At one point the screen fills with brightly patterned anacondas and other large snakes. The patterns throughout are taken from traditional South American folk art and lend color and movement to the man’s exploration. One of the most striking moments has the traveler moving through an exotic flower garden peopled with blinking owl totem poles. Eventually the animals accompanying him transform themselves into masks, and the man tries each one out as he dances to the beat.

Towards the end of the video, the adventurer stops walking and begins dancing against symmetrical patterns (and even becomes one himself). All sort of images appear against a black background, including a Rorschach blot. He resumes his journey to find himself walking atop a prone woman’s nude body, noting a jutting nipple. The woman arranges herself on her back with spread legs facing the viewer. She is much larger than the blonde man. He finds his way to a higher elevation and dives into the triangle between the goddess’ legs.

“Tiki Tiki” is an unusually artistic take on a music video. The symbols and sometimes shocking imagery make for an unforgettable video experience.

"Tiki Tiki" by Poncho is a creative animation, cartoon and commercial video.