Dr. Heather Pendell Web Design

Standout Features:

  • Teal as an accent color
  • Clean testimonial section
  • Images that complement the content

Resonate Naturally created an online platform for Dr. Heather Pendell, using a simple but aesthetically pleasing web design to help her attract clients interested in regenerative medicine.

Most buttons and sections are highlighted with a teal hue, accenting the most critical content bits and CTA buttons, like the newsletter subscription form.

Another notable design feature is the images scattered throughout the website, complementing the content. For example, we see the doctor in her lab, holding a syringe, beside the content about Prolotherapy.

Below is a section about several physical conditions in relation to Prolotherapy, overlaying an image of people engaged in an active lifestyle. This section provides an easy-to-follow bulleted list of conditions where the therapy helps and when it’s not recommended.

Lastly, the designers added a testimonial section to reinforce the doctor's credibility and authority. This space has a clean, straightforward layout and focuses only on the client's review.

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