Go Breck Web Design

Standout features:

  • Well-integrated booking, search and weather icons
  • Sliding mega menu that occupies the entire screen
  • Several user journey options for travelers

Go Breck is a website for the Breckenridge ski resort at the base of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Designed and developed by Bellweather creative agency, it welcomes visitors with a looping full-screen video in the background and several user journey options to explore the resort’s amenities during three separate seasons.

Clicking on either of the three options/seasons opens a page with a portrait-mode video and a list of activities during the given season. Each page is adorned with a gallery containing hi-res images and links to value-rich blog articles on relevant activities.

Back on the homepage, the main menu button on the upper right-hand corner opens sliding full-screen navigation with four main sections containing images. Hovering over any of these shows more navigation items on the right.

Just below the main menu button are transparent icons for booking, the search bar, and the weather info. These do not distract the visitor’s attention from the important design elements on the page.

At the footer, a harmonica/tab component condenses multiple content groups in one place.

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