10 Best Cosmetic Ads that Show a Variety of Approaches to Skincare Marketing

10 Best Cosmetic Ads that Show a Variety of Approaches to Skincare Marketing
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Last Updated: March 03, 2023

Cosmetic ads are an integral part of the beauty industry, which has expanded rapidly over the past few decades. With the immense popularity of social media and the internet, cosmetic brands are constantly competing to produce the best and most attention-grabbing advertisements.

These ads showcase the latest beauty trends and products, often featuring stunning visuals and celebrity endorsements to appeal to consumers. From television to digital ads, the best cosmetic ads capture the brand’s essence, underline the product’s main benefits, and create a memorable and engaging experience for viewers.

Today, cosmetic ads have become a powerful tool for marketing and advertising. Created by some of the best advertising agencies on the market these ads are bound to reshape how consumers perceive beauty products.

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1. NIVEA Hydra Skin by Jan Elsner and Andreas Boeinghoff

[Source: Jan Elsner and Andreas Boeinghoff]

Standout Features:

  • Real women instead of actresses
  • Emphasizing the products’ advantages
  • Polished, “hydrated” spheres

As a giant in the cosmetics industry, NIVEA refrains from persuading its target audience. The same goes for the brand’s new Hydra Skin ad, created by Jan Elsner and Andreas Boeinghoff. The ad is short, instructive, and direct.

The twenty-second piece starts by showing three powerful women with beautiful skin. Despite being in different careers, they are connected through their trust and reliance on Hydra Skin, brightening their faces and emphasizing their natural beauty. The true feminine appeal comes from within while you care for your body’s hydration.

The copy then switches to a digital representation of the product and its effect. The product packaging box is dropped into clear water, bouncing on a blue sphere that multiplies into several smaller ones.

The visuals in the video portray polished, “hydrated” blue spheres that slowly connect to one another, forming a gentle but unbreakable wall that reaches the surface.

The visuals are complemented with short heavy content blocks at the bottom of the video, each subtitling the narrator’s voice-over. The producers took care of the branding by making the visuals blue and the typography white, reminding the viewers of the brand’s primary color palette.

Big brands like NIVEA know the significance of various types of branding in everything they do. To copy their success, start by understanding all the branding types!

2. Luna By Lisa Cosmetics by Quince Creative

Standout Features:

  • Glamorous and feminine
  • Kaleidoscopic view
  • Diamonds and starlight

Luna is a new set of products created by Lisa Cosmetics. This cosmetic video ad developed by Quince Creative introduced it to the market.

The opening positions all the product varieties in the background, with the product and brand name, focused on the center of the screen. Immediately, we see a series of product-focused frames with various visual elements surrounding them, decorating the presentation.

These visual devices include pink and white balloons, pink diamonds, and beige geometrical objects hovering on either side of the product’s close-up. The color choice is not coincidental – each addition complements the product’s color.

The middle of the video adds a smooth attention-grabbing moment where the viewer can see a beautiful kaleidoscopic view of the product. As it rotates, a starlight feature gives the product a new shine.

The visual elements, color palette, and music choice form a glamorous and feminine atmosphere that aims to communicate with the target audience.

3. Elin Cosmetics by Eugene Kim

[Source: Eugene Kim]

Standout Features:

  • Stunning natural frames
  • Well-branded
  • Soothing, all-natural tone

One point that Elin Cosmetics aims to communicate with its customers is the no-chemistry, fully organic policy. Eugene Kim ensured to stay in line with Elin’s mission through this exceptional short cosmetic ad.

The video starts by showing the point of view of someone looking up from beneath a freshly bloomed tree with lush green leaves and the sun behind them. The next frame shows the spring dew and a close-up of the droplet resting on a single leaflet. This frame transitions from natural green to blue, with the next frame showing thousands of drops on a blue surface.

The ad shows a woman in a towel gently applying the product on her skin, enjoying the skincare routine, resembling the water helping the leaf flourish. We then see the woman in a natural setting, taking a walk while embracing the sun, followed by her hand going through a field of flowers, symbolizing the result of nature’s care.

The tunes chosen for the video further emphasize the theme of natural growth depicted in the video, and we see the brand’s logo behind the scattering leaves as the ad comes to an end.

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4. Retinol 24H by Mahmoud Golshanirad

[Source: Mahmoud Golshanirad]

Standout Features:

  • Straightforward and informative
  • Molecular imagery
  • Hexagon model

The following ad was created by Mahmoud Golshanirad, who made a short yet beautiful cosmetic video ad introducing Retinol 24H.

This video acts as a majestic expansion of the packaging’s design color palette. It depicts the focused product on the right side of the screen, with 3D representations of Retinol molecules on the left. The packaging is placed on an emerald-red hexagon. The three main elements: the molecules, hexagon, and packaging, remain in constant motion throughout the ad.

The molecules also maintain the red-white color scheme, with the red central part and the white branches stemming from it. The visuals are enhanced with short typographical descriptions of the product and its benefits.

5. Olay Bounciness Challenge Commerical by Camera Crew Hong Kong

Standout Features:

  • Game-like
  • A fun and playful tone
  • Uplifting music

Olay was looking for an effective way to stand out from its competitors. So, Camera Crew Hong Kong made an authentic ad for the brand’s Bounciness Challenge that stimulates the viewers to perceive the brand as more than “just another cosmetics company.”

The video comprises several key elements: flashy animated particles, one big Pilates ball, two competitors, and a fun competition between them!

Now let’s break it down: the animated particles and the Pilates ball encapsulate the shade of gold found in the brand’s logo. As the big ball bounces from left to right, it leaves “traces” that spell out an invitation to join the Bounciness Challenge.

We then see the two competitors with a white diagonal divider and the sparkly gold “VS” in the center, inspired by the popular combat arcade games. The uplifting music in the background elevates the mood while we witness the countdown before the “battle.” More videos show how to set the mood with amazing background music here.

As the “fight” unfolds, we see another game element – the “BOUNCINESS SCORE” that fills as the competitors place the product on them and bounce the ball to each other. If you like video games and their aesthetics, check out some of the best game websites!

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[Source: BOLD]

Standout Features:

  • Product-focused
  • Close-ups
  • Slow-motion

BOLD encompassed the ICY COSMETICS branding story in their new ad for the beauty company.

The product-focused short video places the product in the center from the start. It shows the slow-motion close-up of a lipstick lid opening, with a peripheral pinkish background and white spheres. The transition portrays the fluid dark shade of red flowing and “emerging.”

The next frame shows us two reflecting lipstick tops approaching one another from both sides of the screen, resembling Michelangelo’s famous Renaissance piece: “The Creation of Adam.” Aside from the stunning visual appeal, this perhaps symbolizes the sublime effect of the product on one’s lips.

The mystical yet contemporary background music enhances the various slow-motion product portrayals that are in free fall position, showing the viewer all the astonishing delicate shades of the product.

We then see muted red from which the brand name arises through an embossed effect with clever shadowing.

7. BodySculpt Columbus by Linear Creative

[Source: Linear Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Witty captions
  • A clever delivery
  • Mixing symbolism and end-goal pictures

BodySculpt Columbus aims to let everyone know there’s a new, easier way to get into your desired body shape than traditional dieting. Linear Creative made custom marketing solutions that helped the company spread the message!

The ads consist of two elements, an interesting picture with limited typography consisting of a one-liner and a short content block that supports the image and extends the metaphor. The design is simple, direct, and clever. Each element grabs your attention quickly, prompting you to read the text below.

The diverse captions, ranging from purely funny and playful to pretty serious, make you wonder about your physical health. As for the visual objects in the focus of each ad, some depict a buffed male and female body or just a bottle of water. However, there are also random objects like sponges that gain meaning through the one-liner complementing it.

8. Eudora Glam by Miagui

[Source: Miagui]

Standout Features:

  • Elegant and classy
  • Product-focused
  • Charming and feminine

Eudora’s Glam is a product that demands a fashionable, stylish performance video that pays tribute to its exquisite quality. The video designers at Miagui captured every vital aspect of this video, including its glamour, style, and best features.

The opening frame shows us a mysterious product waving from the shadows, waiting to step under the highlight. We see the brand’s logo appearing in front of it. Immediately, we witness the product’s “catwalk” in a conveyor track setting, followed by intriguing visuals that add value to the feminine atmosphere.

As the product keeps dancing around, hitting the screen from various angles, it’s unobstructed by the short effective, outlined typography style that provides data.

Near the end of the video, we see yet another intriguing aspect: several lined-up product packaging boxes rotate to the fast rhythm of the backing piano tune.

9. Mojo Skincare - 'Scrub and Go' by Anda Teglas

Standout Features:

  • Concise and on-point
  • POV shots
  • Great sound production/music choice/narration

Mojo's set of teaser ads for the 'Scrub and Go', their latest skincare range is an awesome example of how to market cosmetic products for men. They're candid, concise, and sexy and that's it!

Director Anda Teglas opted for visually uniform, quick POV sequences intertwined with prominent product shots to communicate that "scrub and go" aspect clearly.

The efficiency is further accentuated as these flashy commercials simultaneously serve as how-to videos aside, but what truly makes them stand out is an excellent narration and music choice. It's manly, but never patronizing, it's hot but not overly sultry.

10. Alastin Skincare by Base Beauty Creative Agency

[Source: Base Beauty Creative Agency]

Standout Features:

  • On-point messaging
  • Hi-res images
  • Benefit-driven campaign

Base Beauty Creative agency developed an expansive brand awareness campaign for Alastin Skincare that focuses on the brand's expertise in peri-procedure skincare.

Opting for diligent, in-your-face (literally!) messaging and combining it with high-res visuals that showcase providers' caring hands on patient faces these ads do wonderfully to target both patients and professional physicians.

The agency transcends your typical cosmetics branding conventions by showing a bond between both parties to accentuate the unbreakable link between Alastin and peri-procedure, immediately placing readers inside the treatment room.

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