14 Best Videos With Amazing Background Music That Set the Mood

14 Best Videos With Amazing Background Music That Set the Mood
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: October 26, 2023

A video is only a good video if it has fantastic background music. A great video appeals to all senses; a feast for the eyes and a treat for the ears.

Depending on the nature of the project, accomplished video production professionals take a significant chunk of their time to select the right music to accompany the visual aspect of their work. The right background music increases the quality of the video. It makes your videos look more polished, fun, professional, and sophisticated.

These superb examples of the best videos with amazing background music will help you decide which direction to take for your following videos. Let these examples inspire you for your future commissions.

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1. I'd Find You by Bryan Paez

Standout Features:

  • Energetic music video
  • Seamless transitions
  • High-quality footage

Bryan Paez created a compelling narrative for the "I'd Find You" music video where each frame smoothly transitions to the next. The pristine quality of the footage enhances the visual experience and renders every detail with clarity.

The artist’s vibrant and catchy music truly stands out. The guitar instrumental perfectly complements the vocals and infuses the scenes positively.

Rather than merely serving as an auditory backdrop, the soundtrack emerges as a critical element. It steers the storyline and amplifies its emotional resonance. The video becomes an effective storytelling vehicle through this synergy of visuals and sound!

2. Director Showreel by Elena Gallen

Standout Features:

  • Rhythmic clapping sound
  • Dramatic scene buildup
  • Vivid colors and visuals

Elena Gallen masterfully orchestrated a captivating Director Showreel that leverages the power of rhythmic clapping. The sound is harmonized with instrumental melodies to emphasize the reel's themes.

A kaleidoscope of colors dances across the screen. Each shade introduces viewers to a medley of scenes from nature, bustling human interactions, and enchanting locales.

The clap-infused instrumentation matches and accentuates the energetic pace of the footage. With each successive clap, the video transitions with a visual cadence. It guides viewers seamlessly through a multifaceted tapestry of stories. This strategic synchronization of sound and sight ensures a holistic, immersive experience for the audience.

3. Barcelona Promotional Video by Haikai Media

Standout Features:

  • Upbeat instrumental music
  • Warm sepia filter
  • Candid urban scenes

In the Barcelona Promotional video, Haikai Media encapsulates the city's dynamic pulse with a lively soundtrack that mirrors its bustling avenues and exuberant energy. This energetic musical choice vividly portrays Barcelona's myriad attractions and rhythms.

The decision to employ a sepia filter casts the visuals in a warm, reminiscent glow. It weaves a narrative of Barcelona's rich history with its modern vibrancy. This cinematic choice evokes a sense of longing and accentuates the city's timeless appeal.

Together, the upbeat music and the evocative visuals craft a magnetic showcase. It positions Barcelona as a must-visit destination full of life and cherished memories waiting to be made!

4. Rouvy - Keep going 2023 by Separation Films

Standout Features:

  • Action-packed background music
  • Dynamic visual effects
  • Fluid scene transitions

In the Rouvy - Keep Going 2023 video by Separation Films, the invigorating mantra "Keep going" set to catchy beats propels the narrative forward. This musical mantra fuels the video and echoes the unyielding determination of indoor cycling enthusiasts.

Complementing the beats are electrifying visual effects. They harmoniously sync with the riders' cadence, transforming each cycling session into an adrenaline-pumping adventure!

The transitions maintain the video's pulsating energy and ensure that viewers are engaged from start to finish. Beyond promoting the Rouvy app, the video captures the heart and soul of the cycling community. It urges riders to continually challenge themselves – always moving forward and inspired.

5. Teaser Basium by Alexander Espinoza

Standout Features:

  • Raw, unfiltered footage
  • Captivating performance art
  • Mellow, dramatic instrumental

In "Teaser Basium," video designer Alexander Espinoza captures the genuine essence of performance art set against the backdrop of nature. The unfiltered footage feels authentic. It makes the viewer feel like they are in that moment, witnessing the artist's emotions and expressive movements firsthand.

The soft and dramatic piano instrumental plays a pivotal role in the video. It’s not just a background score; it’s a dynamic force amplifying the authenticity and depth of the performance.

The blend of music and motion effectively hooks viewers. It invites them into a world where artistry, nature, and human emotion converge, creating a genuinely heartfelt visual experience.

6. OCEANADS by OhRami Animation

Standout Features:

  • Lo-fi ambient music
  • 2D animation and graphics
  • Highly-engaging narration

OhRami Animation has crafted a successful promotional piece for OCEANADS, utilizing the explainer video format to pitch the advertising agency's services.

The lo-fi ambient background music sets a relaxed yet attentive atmosphere. It allows viewers to digest the wealth of information presented quickly.

The vibrant 2D illustrations, text pop-ups, and graphics ensure that information is relayed and made memorable. The soothing voiceover guides the viewer through the agency's offerings and creates an engaging narrative.

This approach perfectly balances information and entertainment, making OCEANADS' promotional effort effective and delightful!

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7. Vlisco - Pleid St. by Pleid St

Standout features:

  • Crisp video resolution
  • Vibrant color story
  • Enchanting background music

This Vlisco video is a visual definition of "enchanting." Suppose you want a video that can take you to other dimensions with its fantastic audio and video harmony, give this a look.

Created by Pleid St, they played with the mysterious qualities of spring, where lush flora is in full bloom. The sound they used to accompany this video complemented the visuals so well it would look incomplete without the background music.

This video is a work of art. Its crisp, high-definition quality lets you see the minor details of the flowers, from the petals to the leaves, and their movements seem to mesmerize the viewers.

Watching the colorful flowers and lush foliage flutter and swivel in front of you is enough to enchant you with the wonders of nature. Adding that sound did not kill the video's vibe, nor was it boring to watch.

It’s like watching the world transform into a gorgeous garden within seconds.

8. Modern Legacy Eyewear National Campaign by Eluviera Costa

[Source: Eluviera Costa]

Standout features:

  • Luxurious concept
  • Tasteful color palette
  • On-brand background music

Modern Legacy Eyewear focuses on providing people with the best quality eyewear while keeping in fashion for a long time. They are committed to creating timeless pieces that will blend with every fashion style for decades.

Their national campaign, created by Eluviera Costa, is a masterclass of fashion film and cinematography. This brings back the gorgeous fashion films done by Italian Vogue in the early 2000s, filled with fashion and glamor in every frame.

This video flaunts smart color choices: black, white, and gray. Everyone knows how timeless these colors are, reflecting their commitment to always being involved with the fashion styles then and now.

The background music is the cherry on top, making it look sophisticated and elegant. It sounds like a James Bond soundtrack without the over-the-top action element.

With these visual and audio elements, you now have a memorable national campaign that will go down in history books.

9. Omega II - Sebastien Guerive by Visual

Standout features:

  • Suspenseful background music
  • Stunning cinematography
  • Evokes thrill and tension

This excellent video for Omega II-Sebastien Guerive by Visual shows how videos combined with fantastic background music can stir the viewers' emotions in just a few seconds.

Sure, the video features many flashing movements, which can be unpleasant for some people. Still, it was compensated with high-quality cinematography that depicts various scenes, such as a human metamorphosing and the waves crashing by the seashore.

At first, the images need to make more sense. The more you get engrossed in watching the video, you will soon get its artistic value.

The background sound is thrilling and suspenseful, keeping us alert for the next frame. How the clips turned out is marvelous and satisfying.

This video is a sensory treat for those who enjoy morose subjects and deep meanings.

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10. Relic by Brandverse by Ivan Litvinenko

Standout features:

  • Warm color temperature
  • Superb video quality
  • Harmonious cooperation of visual elements and music

Let this awesome video for Relic by Brandverse take you on a journey in the middle of the scorching African desert, where the wonders of nature merge with the mysterious elements.

Ivan Litvinenko incorporated background music that set the mood for the viewers, then infused them with the stunning video quality of the visual elements.

This video is like taking you to the harsh and cruel African deserts, with the right amount of background music and the synchronization of the said elements together.

The warm color temperature is perfect for the video setting, highlighting the dry and warm location.

Combining these elements has produced this exquisite work that captures emotions in a few seconds.

11. Space10 - Regenerative Design by Nacho Velasco

Standout features:

  • Crystal clear background music
  • Nature-inspired visuals
  • Soothing appeal

This video by Nacho Velasco is an excellent example of using suitable background music to send the right message to your viewers.

The video is a delightful display of nature, and the exploration angle is also well-showcased. The visuals feature various flora and fauna, culminating in a lion-like structure in the middle.

It's like watching an African savannah in all its glory. The crystal-clear quality of the background music is magical, almost as if wood nymphs and other mythical creatures produced it.

Overall, this plays up so well with nature. They succeeded in bringing nature closer to the people.

12. Easter Bunny by Noah Mittelstaedt

Standout features:

  • Witty concept
  • Appealing to all ages
  • Beautiful vocals for background music

This entry on our list is the only one with simple lyrics on the background music compared to the others. This helped elevate the video’s appeal and set the overall mood.

Created by Noah Mittelstaedt, this campaign for Volkswagen's new electric car used an unorthodox route in promoting the product. Instead of using the usual road shots with the vehicle in motion, it became more amusing to watch.

They used bunnies – the last thing you expect to see in a car commercial – and it revolved around them "approving" the car model. It is also a witty reference to the Easter season, where bunnies are an iconic symbol of the occasion.

The background sound made it seem like a classy and chill commercial, and it managed to bring that atmosphere to the video.

Bunnies approved!

13. Pedala Pedala by Eve Chagas

Standout Features:

  • Catchy and lively background music
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Flawless animation with vibrant colors

On a bright afternoon, inseparable friends Juju and Binha take a stroll through Vitoria, pedaling their way through the marvelous sights in the capital of Espirito Santo.

No other music could have captured this fun and joyous experience than Pedala Pedala – the animated video’s energetic and uplifting background music.

Created by musical duo João Forlani and Lucas Palma, the beautiful sound perfectly suits Eve Chagas’ stunning animation painted in full, vibrant color. The catchy melody intertwined with the words “Pedala Pedala” makes the viewers sing along and join Juju and Binha as they go on a little Sunday adventure.

The best part? The producers sprinkled some sound effects to enrich the sound. From the bicycle ringing to the ambient noise, the realistic sound effects brought the animated scenes to life from the bicycle ringing to the ambient noise!

14. Eldorado Syrup by Balazs Antal

Standout Features:

  • Fun product motion
  • Upbeat background music
  • Big and bold typography

How do you make a product shine in less than 20 seconds? Watch this ad for Eldorado Syrup by 3D artist Balazs Antal, and you’ll quickly learn how!

The premium Hungarian cocktail syrup offers a rich, flavorful, and tasty experience to spruce up your drink. Blended with purees that have 60% fruit in them, every bottle promises to reproduce the real taste of fruits in your mouth.

Even in a short time, this video was able to communicate such a distinct selling point!

The artist worked their 3D magic to bring the product to life. From jumps and spins to fast and slow motion, the dynamic movement of the syrup bottles and their fruity ingredients creates an exhilarating visual experience.

On top of that, the big and bold product descriptions highlighting Eldorado’s unique qualities added an extra kick to this video. They also helped convey the brand’s key advertising goal: to showcase the syrup’s real fruity taste.

But these visuals wouldn’t have popped without the invigorating background music. The upbeat instrumental with that punchy electric guitar stirs fun and excitement. It’s also the perfect contrast to the light and refreshing visuals!

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