What Makes Consulting Firms In Los Angeles Unique?

Consulting firms are only a small portion of the city’s dynamic economy. With a GDP of $960 billion in 2019, Los Angeles is the second-largest economy in the United States.

Though the entertainment industry has been the main incentive for the city’s growth, Los Angeles has a vibrant economy with output across various sectors, from technology and tourism to aerospace, bioscience, fashion and more.

This means that consulting firms in Los Angeles are well-equipped to provide consulting services for businesses across many industries.

The City of Angels is also home to several world-renowned educational institutions attracting high-level talent from across the nation as well as the world.

There are 115 business schools located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

UCLA or the University of Southern California, in particular, produce not only the country’s top experts in business consulting but thought leaders as well.

This means the top consulting firms in Los Angeles have teams of highly qualified professionals who can offer the highest quality of services.

Moreover, many Fortune 1000 large companies call Los Angeles their home, including:

  • CBRE Group
  • Mercury General
  • Colony Capital
  • Reliance Steel & Aluminum
  • Air Lease
  • Guess
  • And more

Serving such major brands, it’s clear that L.A consultants can successfully deal with rigorous clients and tackle the most challenging projects.

Besides, Los Angeles is the ninth most expensive city in the U.S. The high cost of living and equally high competition within the industry mean that only the best business consulting firms are based in L.A.

panoramic view of the city of Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles is the second-largest economy in the United States

How Big Is The Consulting Talent Pool In Los Angeles?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the sphere of consulting comprises technical, scientific or management services.

29,180 management consultants are based in Los Angeles. There are also 14,140 financial consultants who can offer financial support and guidance.

In total, 709,750 consultants were working in the US in 2019, as stated by Statista.

The same source reports that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the consulting market is expected to fall to 132 billion in 2020.

However, businesses will continue to employ consulting services for operational improvement or business strategy to increase their bottom line. Thus, the consulting talent pool in Los Angeles will surely grow.

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What Does A Los Angeles Consulting Firm Specialize In?

Unlike other similar companies in the rest of the world, consulting firms in Los Angeles tend to be qualified in providing services for the locally dominant sectors:

  • Entertainment
  • Aerospace
  • Bioscience
  • Transportation
  • Fashion
  • And more

Just like their counterparts elsewhere in the world, Los Angeles business consulting firms offer an array of services to help organizations improve their overall performance or overcome their biggest business obstacles.

Business consultants have specialized expertise in different fields and can provide guidance and support in various areas such as:

  • Operations
  • Management and strategy
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • IT and technology
  • E-business consulting
  • And more

A consulting company in Los Angeles typically offer these services:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Financial management
  • Marketing consulting
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Analytics & Data management
  • Business Development & Operations
  • Sales & Pricing
  • And more

What Are The Different Types Of Los Angeles Business Consulting Firms?

Business consulting is a wide and intricate field. As such, there are many different types of Los Angeles consulting firms that serve various business needs:

  • Business strategy consulting firms: These experts focus on giving advice on business strategy and development, more precisely, how to enhance a business plan to yield better results. They help you develop long-term effective strategies to grow your company, increase revenue and more.
  • Operations consulting firms: These consultants can help you with streamlining your processes in order to improve efficiency. They are able to rethink your entire production process to reduce costs while maintaining quality.
  • Financial consulting firms: The financial consultants in Los Angeles typically hold an MBA in finance and can provide services such as risk management, real estate, tax assistance, investment opportunities and many more.
  • IT consulting firms: These companies have highly-trained IT specialists who can help you implement programs while also providing training to your employees on how to properly use any type of system. Many IT consulting companies also specialize in developing programs and may incorporate computer network architects, website developers or IT security analysts.
  • Marketing consulting firms: Unlike digital marketing agencies, marketing consulting companies use a data-driven approach to create solutions for an existing issue. They conduct thorough competitor analysis, in-depth audits and collect market share and audience data to solve your marketing problems or provide advice on new marketing opportunities, like positioning your brand on new markets and more.

How Much Do Consulting Firms In Los Angeles Charge?

Consulting firms in Los Angeles usually charge their services:

  • Per hour
  • Per day
  • Per project
  • Monthly retainer

Most Los Angeles business consulting firms have an average hourly rate between $100 and $250.

As for project-based pricing, top consulting firms in Los Angeles take projects valued between $10,000 and $25,000.

The rates are higher than in other parts of the States and reflect the high-competition within the industry as well as the high-level of talent.

Why Hire Top Consulting Firms In Los Angeles?

Essentially problem-solvers, consultants are well-versed in many different areas to help your business thrive. They not only identify the pressing issues within your company, but they can also spot new opportunities to drive growth.

The top consulting firms in Los Angeles can develop custom solutions to enhance business operations efficiency, improve employee satisfaction, boost revenue and more.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire top consulting firms in Los Angeles:

  • Access to top-tier talent: Home to more than 100 business schools, Los Angeles attracts top-tier talent from across the country and the world. This results in a cluster of highly-educated business consultants who can provide internationally competitive expertise.
  • Services at market rates: Los Angeles has a lower cost of living than many other large cities like New York, San Francisco or Washington. This means consulting firms in L.A can offer high-quality services at lower rates.
  • Local market expertise: Operating in Los Angeles for a long time, consulting companies have acquired deep expertise in the locally dominant industries: entertainment, biotechnology, aerospace, fashion and more. They have unique insights into these particular sectors, understand the opportunities as well as the challenges and can give your business a competitive edge.
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How To Hire Top Consulting Firms In Los Angeles

Choosing the best consulting company in Los Angeles may be a difficult task, given the many available options.

To make sure you’re making the right decision for your business, take these few steps when hiring a business consulting firm in Los Angeles:

Step #1: Determine Your Business Goals

It’s key to define your business goals to comprehend how business consultants can help you accomplish them.

Considering the many different areas of business consulting, you should steer towards a firm that has already dealt with the same issues and challenges.

Moreover, look for a business consulting firm that has substantial experience in your industry as that will drive better results in the long-term.

Step #2: Get To Know The Business Consultants

When you’re hiring a consulting firm, you’re not just paying for their reputation but for the group of experts who will help you achieve your objectives.

Therefore, you should ask a potential consulting firm about their team members. More precisely, what is their background, their fields of expertise as well as their past successful projects and failures.

You need to find out if the consultants have successfully helped organizations overcome the same kind of business challenges. They should have a proven track record of implementing effective solutions for their previous clients.

Step #3: Build A Relationship

When you start a partnership with a consulting firm, you’re giving away important data and insight into your overall business.

Therefore, it’s best to build a strong and reliable relationship with the firm and the business consultants before you sign the contract.

10 Questions To Ask When Hiring Los Angeles Business Consulting Firms

Prior to choosing your consulting partner, be sure to collect as much info as you can about their approach, corporate culture or quality of work.

Ask them these questions:

  1. Which areas of expertise represent your key strengths?
  2. What consultants will work on our team and what is their main expertise?
  3. Do you have experience in our niche?
  4. Have you worked on similar projects before? What were the results?
  5. How will you tailor your services to meet our specific business needs?
  6. How long will the project last, how do you define the timeline?
  7. How does your process look for creating a business strategy?
  8. How exactly do you identify the achievable business goals?
  9. How do you charge your services, per hour, per project or based on results?
  10. If we abruptly terminate our contract, what happens?

Takeaways On Los Angeles Consulting Companies

With its warm weather, reputable schools and diverse economy, Los Angeles is a top destination for business consultants from all the US.

Los Angeles consulting companies are teeming with educated and skilled business consultants who, thanks to their specialized expertise, can guide your business to growth and success.

What differentiates L.A consulting firms from their competitors in other parts of the US are these factors:

  • Access to top talent
  • Quality services at market rates
  • Local market experience

Most business consultants in Los Angeles charge between $100 and $250 per hour.

To select the best Los Angeles consulting firm for your business needs, follow these three steps:

  • Determine your goals
  • Learn about consultants’ background and expertise
  • Forge a trusting relationship


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