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Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, 10114, Estonia

Gera-IT Overview

Number of Employees
50 - 99
Minimal Budget
$10,000 - $25,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Our clients say that we:
- work fast,
- communicate proactively like sitting in one space
- develop features in a much better way then they imagined before.

At Gera-IT, we:
- build web & mobile apps
- create UI/UX design
- performs business analysis
- build prototypes.

115 clients selected us to develop 153 awesome projects.
Most of them were delivered in industries like:
- Health tech,
- Education,
- Finance,
- IoT and
- business automation.

If you face incredible technological challenges ⚙️, we are experienced to handle advanced tech like:
- big-data,
- high-load,
- optimizations,
- data analysis and more

Top 4 facts about us:
- work with businesses and startups differently
- create the empathic, human-focused design
- bring innovations ("Innovate" - create something new or improve existing unusually - Wiki) that add value to your business
- team smartness, dedication and skills to make the results awesome ?

Words of the mouth of our clients:
  • "they were quite flexible in organizing working hours."
  • "communication is great."
  • "mature mindset of team members."
  • "they always deliver what they promise."
  • "Very professional in delivering a personalized service"

We'd love to talk to you too:)

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Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, 10114, Estonia

Areas of Expertise

  • Custom Frameworks
  • Outsourcing Expertise
Custom Frameworks
Custom Frameworks
  • Ruby on Rails
Outsourcing Expertise
Outsourcing Expertise
  • Eastern Europe
  • Outsourcing


  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Health Care
  • Fintech

Gera-IT Portfolio

  • Gera-IT - SanoCloud
  • Gera-IT - SchoolHire
    Software Development
  • Gera-IT - AdJumps
    eCommerce Development
  • Gera-IT - SafeInHome
    Software Development
  • Gera-IT - BeImmunized
  • Gera-IT - Readingwise
  • Gera-IT - CallMD
  • Gera-IT - Evolux
    Web Development
  • Gera-IT - Mediaforta
    Web Development
  • Gera-IT - TestCaseLab
    Software Development
  • Gera-IT - Shop2market
    Software Development
  • Gera-IT - SimpliDeferred
    Software Development
  • Gera-IT - AdaptivMD
    Software Development
  • Gera-IT - Solna
  • Gera-IT - Storyful
    Web Development
  • Gera-IT - BioAnalyt
    Software Development
  • Gera-IT - MyEcad
    Web Development
  • Gera-IT - InvoiceBuilder
  • Gera-IT - Application for Remote Patient Monitoring
    Application for Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Gera-IT - Free Home Risk
    Ruby on Rails
    Free Home Risk
  • Gera-IT - Scheduling Solutions for Hospitals
    Scheduling Solutions for Hospitals

Gera-IT Reviews

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  • Helen Los

    Helen Los

    Head of Product at NA

    Web and Mob Solution for Healthcare providers
    Project Type: Website Development
    Review Date: 8 November, 2023
    We recently had the privilege of working with the Gera-IT team on a healthcare project to enhance scheduling and operational efficiency in hospitals. I cannot express how impressed I am with their exceptional performance and service. First and foremost, I must applaud their outstanding communication throughout the project. Their team was always available, responsive, and willing to address our concerns and questions. They demonstrated a deep understanding of the healthcare domain, making them a valuable partner.What truly sets Gera-IT apart is its expertise in the healthcare sector. It was evident that they had a deep understanding of the unique challenges and intricacies within the industry, like data security and compliance with the regulations. They always provided us with a few possible solutions to implement, providing the estimation of risks and consequences. Also, Gera-IT met all deadlines precisely, so we started implementing the system as planned. I wholeheartedly recommend Gera-IT to anyone in need of healthcare solution development. Their exceptional communication, unparalleled expertise in the healthcare domain, on-time delivery, and fair pricing make them an outstanding choice.
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  • Anna Kryzanovskaya

    Anna Kryzanovskaya

    Product Owner at BudSvetom

    Project Type: Website Development
    Review Date: 3 March, 2023
    I am fully satisfied with cooperation with Gera-IT. Smart and knowledgable developers, business analysts and project manager. They offered many options and functions I didnt know about and which were so useful after all. I loved the friendly atmosphere of our communication from one side and very responsible reporting system from the other side. The price is absolutely adequate for the value they bring, I highly recommend this company for entrepreneurs who are interested in web development
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  • Alex Borodin

    Alex Borodin

    Chief Operating Officer at VT Labs

    Custom Shopify App
    Project Type: eCommerce Development
    Review Date: 4 April, 2022
    I’m the COO of VT Labs. We often have an urgent need to scale our team in a short time to reach the highest goals, so we apply to Gera-IT as we are working in partnership for years. For the current project, we needed 2 senior full-stack developers, and luckily we found both in the Gera-IT team. Recruitment was very smooth and engineers are the true professionals. We share the same values to bring the best result to a client, and we are more than satisfied with our cooperation.
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Gera-IT Clients

  • Solna
  • SchoolHire
  • AdaptivMD
  • SafeInHome
  • CallMD