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Shortlist is a talented, international team of digital marketers, developers, and designers. However, we don’t associate ourselves with your typical marketing agency. We don’t force large, annual contracts. We adhere to extremely high quality standards that often results in us turning away 90% of the blogs we come across accepting guest posts. We don’t run from communication with clients – we run towards it.

Clients are often amazed with the level of personalization and customization we provide to each and every campaign we work on, and one of the key metrics we pride ourselves on is that in 2020 we didn’t have a single refund for any of the work we provided!

Give Back
Despite being a remote, virtual team we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty in person. We believe it’s important to give back through volunteerism and donations. Below you’ll see some samples of projects we’ve accomplished together.

Keep it real
We don’t sugar coat marketing or results. If we believe a campaign is going well, or isn’t, we’ll let you know. If we believe a campaign won’t be successful, we’ll turn it down (and tell you why). We don’t hide behind vanity metrics, but make sure we’re on the same page with the client as to what’s important and focus on delivering that.

We believe there isn’t a one size fits all glove when it comes to marketing. While we do have standard packages on our pricing page, more often than not those are talking points to creating the perfect plan that fits your budget, your appetite for growth, and your needs.

2200 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130, United States

Areas of Expertise

  • Web Design Expertise
Web Design Expertise
Web Design Expertise
  • eCommerce


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  • CEO
    Dave Schneider
    Dave used to work as a business analyst. After having had enough of all that, he decides to turn his back on the road to the high life and makes the decision to jump ship... right into the just-as-stressful but apparently more fun arms of internet marketing.
  • Organizational & Leadership
    David Henzel
    Organizational & Leadership
    David is the invisible hand that keeps Shortlist and its people from falling into disorder Really, he just wants everybody to be at their best. So make sure to show up and suit up! (Not literally, of course. We all work remote).
  • Head of Business Development
    Darko Smilevski
    Head of Business Development
    Darko spent years in China as a banker. After seeing too much money, he decided to give it all up and join the marketing world, too. Now, he puts his charms to good use by winning over clients for Shortlist.
  • SEO & Business Development
    Viktor Zdraveski
    SEO & Business Development
    For 13 years, Viktor has been spreading the word of darkness through his esteemed position as the Mouth of Sauron. These days, he is busy teaching orks SEO and how to close clients.
  • Head of Growth Department
    Evgen Schastnyy
    Head of Growth Department
    Evgen has mastered the complex art of helping to grow awesome companies while working from the comfort of his sofa. Evgen has been living this dream life for over 9 years, and he's looking to spend a few years more with the same arrangement.
  • Link Building & Project Manager
    Emi Zdraveska
    Link Building & Project Manager
    Emi is the lovely presence you need in your life when you feel like everything is just going to chaos. In other words, she is the light that keeps teams on track and on budget. With an air of calm and always a kind smile, she makes sure all project deliverables and deadlines are met.
  • Link Building Lead
    Nenad Stanojevikj
    Link Building Lead
    Link building can be a drag. But not for Nenad. He knows he's got a job to do. And right now, that's link building. So buy him a cup of coffee and show him your top 50 list of dofollow websites, please. Or make that 200.
  • Marketer
    Marija Josifovska
    Almost a decade of experience in banking and insurance SaaS has equipped Marija with just the right skills to sell even the most boring things using SEO and proper data mining
  • Business Development Manager
    Marko Kovacevik
    Business Development Manager
    Marko is our outreach guru! He knows how to get clients on board and make sure that their project is running smoothly.
  • Web Developer
    Marina Bubnic
    Web Developer
    Yes, yes, Marina is an "agile trained web developer, with a focus on front-end and web performance optimizations." But she is more than that. Because Marina can also create beauty, beast, or various otherworldly entities from her hands.
  • Senior Marketing Manager
    Pepica Mancheva
    Senior Marketing Manager
    You need a project executed from start to finish, then Pepica is the right person for you! With numerous years of experience in digital marketing, she has the right skill set to make your brand stand out from the competition. Clients

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