Studio Presto

Studio Presto

Beautiful designs, efficiency in mind

Stepana Bandery 1/1, Khmelnitsky, 29000, Ukraine

Studio Presto Overview

Number of Employees
Under 49
Minimal Budget
$1,000 - $10,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Studiopresto is a web design company offering brand identity, design, marketing, and development services. We approach every project from a marketing perspective and implement the same as creative designers. Our workflow provides clients with beautiful, effective solutions to promote and grow their businesses.
Stepana Bandery 1/1, Khmelnitsky, 29000, Ukraine

Studio Presto Portfolio

  • Studio Presto - Fit With Her
    Web Design
    Fit With Her
  • Studio Presto - Pollardi
    Web Design
  • Studio Presto - Recright
    Web Design
  • Studio Presto - Floss Creatives
    Web Design
    Floss Creatives
  • Studio Presto - InHouse Physicians
    Web Design
    InHouse Physicians
  • Studio Presto - Enologia
    Web Design
  • Studio Presto - Momos
    Web Design
  • Studio Presto - Campus Tree
    Web Design
    Campus Tree

Studio Presto Team Bios

  • Founder/Creative Director
    Stanislav Shanhin
    Founder/Creative Director
    I started as a designer at 13. I designed when there were no fancy tools or internet in a way we know it now. My 1rst breakthrough was Template Monster. My 2nd breakthrough was the creation of Studiopresto. Here we strive to build innovative products and find beauty.
  • Co-founder/Strategy Director
    Yuliia Hutsal
    Co-founder/Strategy Director
    Enjoying the process and progress.I love seeing improvements as a result of our consistent and hard work.
  • CEO
    Vlad Boiko
    My favorite part of the job - recruiting people for the team. I value every person in the company and the atmosphere we create together. When looking for a new specialist, I pay attention to soft skills. I believe that you can learn everything if you have passion and a positive attitude.
  • Head of Marketing
    Roman Donets
    Head of Marketing
    I've been with Studiopresto for almost three years now. First, I came as a project manager, but then I decided to move to the Marketing Department. So after 2 years, I was promoted to the Head of Marketing. I like to constantly evolve, achieve more, and continually strive upwards.
  • Head of Sales
    Olena Martyniuk
    Head of Sales
    I have been working as a Head of Sales for three years now. What I love most about my job is getting to know clients' businesses. It helps me to develop myself. You never know what niche you'll encounter today, and that moment is always quite exciting.
  • Art-director
    Sasha Tomchuk
    I have been with Studiopresto since 2016. I came with inspiration to learn and develop my skills. During these years, I have grown into a Team Lead. As a Lead Designer, I am responsible for the quality of Presto projects. This position made me reveal my leadership skills and expand my comfort zone.
  • Front-end developer
    Artem Matseruk
    Front-end developer
    I have been working at Studiopresto for 3 years now. At first,I made a simple layout. Gradually the complexity of the tasks grew,and with them, my experience. Finally, after 6 months, I began doing everything related to the front-end. It's cool to know that the result of my work is just in my hands

Studio Presto Clients

  • Recright
  • Artonomy
  • Pollardi

Studio Presto Awards

  • Studio Presto - Award 1
  • Studio Presto - Award 2
  • Studio Presto - Award 3
  • Studio Presto - Award 4