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Visual Oasis

I am strategically located in front of a computer with internet access, in a house.

Remote Office, Skellefteå, 930 61, Sweden

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In the realm of modern creative expression, its time for designers to transcend the conventional role, emerging instead as digital artisans who intricately craft abstract concepts into visually stunning realities.
Explore the subtleties of personal vision, and the core of individual identity. Discover the distinctive essence of each unique vision and illuminate the profoundly personal.
The next level is to seek beyond the act of design, to elevate from shaping images; to sculpting experiences. Experiences that resonate with your deepest aspirations, reflect your individuality, and amplify the essence of your dreams.
At Visual Oasis, design is a propulsion system that drives you forward. We picture stories, ground vision and realise thought. We understand the profound influence of creativity and utilise the interactive nature of design.
Bring your vision to life and create your own, visual oasis.
Remote Office, Skellefteå, 930 61, Sweden

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  • Viktoria Melinder
  • Mastergravity
  • Perceived Reality