Domain Intuitive App Design

Domain is an app aimed at revolutionizing the real estate inspection process. By offering an intuitive, seamless, and paperless experience, Domain has made inspections easier for everyone involved.

Domain Clean App Design

Domain has cleverly taken some design elements from other popular apps and incorporated them into their own, making users feel like they already have some familiarity with their program. For example, the use of large QR codes to check in looks and feels a lot like entering an airplane with your boarding pass on your smartphone. This is a process some people are already very accustomed to. Rather than reinvent the wheel, Domain has made their app mimic a procedure with which people are already familiar and comfortable.

Domain Elegant App Design

One of the other great aspects of Domain’s app design is its simplicity. Large, beautiful photos are used to display properties, with a small space for basic home information. This makes searching the app easy. The photos are clearly the focal point here. After all, a picture says a thousand words. Why clutter the app with unnecessary text when you have amazing photos at your disposal?

The Domain app truly feels like a totally fresh idea, while also offering something that seems familiar. The simplicity and similarities between apps we use in other aspects of our lives makes Domain an easy app to pick up and navigate. Real Estate inspections can be a stressful process for some. Domain has used technology to make that process feel easy and intuitive.

Domain is an intuitive app design in the real estate industry.