Yaza app design

Yaza’s Visualized Maps And Immersive Walkthroughs Are The Result Of Meticulous UI And UX Research

Yaza is an iOS mobile app for real estate professionals that allows uses to record and map videos of home and neighborhood tours and share them with prospective buyers.

The app was designed and developed by Uptech, a one-stop product development studio.

Yaza has four key functionalities:

  • Recording immersive walkthrough videos in HD quality
  • Mapping locations and creating stories that can play chronologically in the app
  • Sharing videos and tours no matter the size of
  • Engaging prospective buyers with the authenticity of a real-life tour

The creation process of the Yaza app began with the discovery stage. During this phase, the Uptech team created a prototype containing a blueprint of the app’s features to help bring it to life.

After getting the entire picture of the app’s design, the developers tested the UX design and performed customer and problem validation to make sure the app would solve the problems of its target audience.

After the validation assessment, the prototype was adjusted for better performance before the final version of the app was completed. The team adapted the UX and user interface design to the complexity of the app’s functionalities to improve the usability.

Uptech explains that they used an “iterative approach during the development of the App, which involves continuous design improvement based on user testing and other evaluation methods.” They continue, “We test the UI solutions during a sprint and search for some interface difficulties and issues.”

Yaza app design

Yaza App’s Dark Mode Interface Facilitates Home Navigation & Virtual Tours

The most distinctive feature of Yaza app, design-wise, is its decidedly dark theme, which goes against the general trend of light themes for most apps today.

White space, of course, can be black or any other color and is a term for the area between elements rather than the color of the background. Mobile app designers use it strategically to create balance, clarity, and visual hierarchy within the interface.

In this case, the black white space was deemed more suitable for a real estate app for a simple reason: The images of homes, rooms and interiors look better and pop more against black surroundings.

The black background is more restful for the eyes and it helps the gaze focus on the image/video details in numerous colors and shades.

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Yaza app design

A Contrasting Accent Color And Simple Font Improve Visibility For The User

Seasoned branding experts utilize color as a powerful tool to create a distinct and cohesive brand identity. In the case of the Yaza app design, there is only one other color – that is, the secondary color – used throughout the app beside black and that is magenta.

Magenta is the accent color of switch/toggle buttons, notification indicators, location markers, image selectors, save buttons, chat bubbles and other UI elements.

The black/magenta combination creates not only a stunning contrast, but also a stylish visual appeal that makes the app’s interface quite unique for the digital real estate sector.

To add to this stylish yet cool effect, Yaza app’s typography of choice is a very simple sans-serif font. The main portions of text are in very light grey while titles and the names of certain app sections are in bold, white lettering.

Yaza app design

Yaza App’s Built-In Functionalities Allow Easy Recording, Editing And Sharing Of Video Tours

In terms of the number of functionalities and features, Yaza app is quite demanding, which makes the design feat all the more impressive.

It took a great deal of expertise to get it all working together fast and without any glitches, within a very sleek UI design.

The most fundamental feature is the account creation. Under their account, users can store videos and manage their circle of clients and prospects.

Another key feature is the main map, which users can update and customize with visualized locations of homes in order to create and share real estate listings effortlessly.

The comprehensive search engine allows users to find homes according to a type of place or a realtor that posted it.

The whole purpose of Yaza app is quick and easy sharing of home locations. A variety of sharing options, such as link copy, email, airdrop and popular social media networks, is always within user’s reach.

The most challenging feature from the design standpoint is the video clips recording and editing section. It lets users create immersive home tour videos using a very straightforward and intuitive one-page editor.

Another feature that will look and feel familiar to all users is the chat functionality. Users can communicate with their network of clients and prospects and leave reactions in a chat interface very much like Facebook Messenger.

Yaza app design

Yaza App Design Lets Users Explore Places And Anchor Experiences

To understand the philosophy of Yaza app design, one has to understand the brand’s mission and goals. Their statement on this goes as follows:

“We are reinventing the real estate customer journey for digital natives by creating a market network built on social video. Yaza positions agents as influencers, allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge and experience to build trust with clients and prospects, and putting them at the center of the online renting and buying experience.”

Yaza’s tagline is, “Where prospecting meets personality.”

The iOS app developers did infuse a lot of personality into their product, from the opening screen with a very distinctive brand logo right to the easy video editing screen.

In a very short period of time, Yaza app got over 3,000 installs, a 4.6 rating in App Store and 98.9% crash-free uses on iOS.

Yaza app design ticks all the right boxes in usability, accessibility, fast and seamless functionality and aesthetics. It is a mobile app that has all the potential of being a game changer in digital real estate.

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