Ginventory Playful App Design

Ginventory is the gin-lover’s companion. The app helps gin aficionados find gins they’ll love and pair them with tonics and garnishes to create an impeccable cocktail.

The Ginventory app wastes no time in getting the user to explore app content right away. A prominent search bar at the bottom of the home screen is the sole entry point to navigation. Tapping on the search bar will populate a list of gins (nearly 4,000 of them, to be exact) that can be browsed, though the cursor remains in the search bar, now at the top of the screen. It’s an elegant solution to provide options both to those who know exactly what they’re looking for, as well as those more interested in browsing. Browsers can also navigate to a list of tonics or garnishes by tapping one of the tabs just below the search bar. Results are presented in a no-nonsense list, with each result containing an image, a name, and an average rating.

Each gin has its own product detail page, complete with useful information like a product description, average rating, and, of course, recommended tonic and garnish pairings. Users have the option to add the gin to their wishlist or cabinet, or to assign it a rating.

The app has a highly stylized design which is both fresh and memorable. The pale yellow palette adds a pop of warm color, while the minimalist black and gray text keeps the experience feeling sophisticated. Detailed illustrations are used as backdrops throughout, and because these illustrations are unlike anything else one normally sees on the web, they help give the app personality and flair. Meanwhile, small animations are put to good use reducing interstitial anxiety between action and result, and they help make the experience of using the app feel more dynamic.

Ginventory is an elegant app design in the Food & Beverage industry.