Blue Apron Top App Design

Blue Apron is the pioneer of the home meal kit delivery craze. Busy Blue Apron customers rely on the service to prepare home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients without having to spend precious time finding recipes, writing grocery lists, and lugging everything home from the grocery store. Blue Apron delivers all the ingredients necessary to prepare a fresh home-cooked meal directly to the customer’s door. Ingredients come pre-measured so customers have everything they need to get cooking.

The Blue Apron app is an extension of their delivery service. Users can use the app to manage their accounts, preferences, and deliveries from wherever they are, and whenever they choose. The app conveniently displays all of the user’s upcoming deliveries so they can stay on top of what’s coming up. They can also view and explore upcoming recipes to see what exciting new flavors are coming next. Navigation is handled through a simple tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen, with different areas represented through minimalist iconography.

But the Blue Apron app is more than just convenient account management, it also features tons of great content like full recipes and video how-tos to teach handy cooking techniques. Users can stay on top of their favorite recipes by tracking them in the app. They can also capture images of the meals they prepare, with a set of Instagram-style filters to really make the photos pop.

Gorgeous food imagery defines the experience of the Blue Apron app. Images of each step of the cooking process also help ensure that users know exactly what to do at every turn. The app has a modern and streamlined appeal. A white background allows food imagery to come to the forefront, while the deep navy accent color helps reinforce Blue Apron’s branding.

Blue Apron is a top app design in the e-commerce & retail, food & beverage and hospitality industries.