Joy Fresh App Design

Joy is an appdesigned to help users gain a better understanding of their spending habits and feel in control of their financial outcomes. On their website, Joy bills itself as “The first and only money app that won’t judge you for how you spend your money.”

Because Joy offers users a totally custom and personalized experience, there’s a fair bit of onboarding that happens up front.

The onboarding process, however, is handled like a guided tour given by a friendly chatbot. This bot prompts the user to answer a set of questions about preferences and behavior in order to get to a point where it can recommend a money coach, aka a more personalized bot designed to match the user’s personality.

Once the user links their spending accounts, the app gets to work helping them identify the spending behavior that leaves them feeling satisfied and happy versus the spending behavior that feels guilty. Joy promises, “By focusing on what you can control, you can be happier, build your savings and seize back control of your financial happiness.”

The Joy app has an appealing modern and fresh design aesthetic. The conversational interface makes entering information easy, and the tone of the app is always upbeat, encouraging, and cheerful without being patronizing.

A bright color palette and large, bold typography signal Joy as a financial app for a modern generation. Not only is the app a joy to use (sorry, pun intended), but it provides substantive utility and offers financial help to an underserved population of millennials.

Joy is featured in the Banking & Finance category of the Best App Design section.

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