Lyst Simple App Design

Lyst is a shopping app that allows users to search dozens of retailers for fashion and accessories. The app helps users find the items they want at the lowest prices on the web. Lyst has over 11,000 designers listed on the app - from Gucci to Asos - so fashion lovers are virtually guaranteed to find the products they’re looking for.

Despite the volume of inventory available on the app, the Lyst shopping experience does not feel heavy or cumbersome. Large buttons and visual cues make browsing Lyst intuitive. Even better, as users engage with the Lyst app, it learns their preferences and begins to customize results based on their browsing behavior. Advanced filtering options make navigating the app’s enormous inventory easier, and users can sign up to be notified when products they like are back in stock. Users can also favorite items they like and those items are saved in one place within the user’s account, easily accessible at a later date.

The Lyst app is designed with a simple black and white palette that helps focus user attention on the products. Large product imagery makes the app easier and more enjoyable to navigate. Blue and green accent colors help make calls-to-action and important information like shipping costs pop on the screen.

The Lyst app features a single, convenient shopping cart so no matter what store users are buying from, all their purchases are combined in one place. The checkout is quick and uncomplicated, with shipping and return information broken down for each retailer.

Lyst is a simple app design in the fashion & beauty industry.