MyVictory app design by BeCurious

MyVictory App Helps Cancer Survivors Reduce Remission Risks Through Quick Interaction With Intuitive Design

MyVictory app is an at-home exercise and community platform for cancer survivors.

It was designed and developed by BeCurious, a creative agency that also provided branding, web development, dashboard design and other services to the client.

The purpose of MyVictory fitness app is to “improve the quality of cancer survivors’ lives while reducing the risk for remission […] with a motivational digital exercise and wellness platform.”

The app’s projected usability made the project hugely ambitious from the get-go. The agency tackled the complex design and engineering process with a sprint development approach, collecting behavioral research from target groups of users to help shape the development.

The target users’ unique predicament created the need for a streamlined, intuitive design that would accelerate their interaction with the UI. By documenting the journey of each user segment, the design team mapped out a platform flow that focused on users’ specific goals.

The result?

A highly functional mobile app that allows users to create and track exercise goals, sign up for live classes, schedule one-on-one classes, follow and interact with other members via social feed and more.

MyVictory app design

Streamed & On-Demand Classes Give MyVictory App A Game-Changing Depth & Purpose

MyVictory app’s unique value is in its library of over 2,000 on-demand exercise videos and daily streamed classes.

Users can join in and choose between different type of live classes led by over 20 specialized instructors, including cardio, yoga, meditation and strength training.

The class library pages feature full-width images of different categories. Selecting an image prompts a list of all the available classes in a single-column format, showcasing an image/video of the instructor, exercise description, duration of the exercise, class intensity and app users’ exercise rating.

The design of these pages relies heavily on white space and a minimal amount of text.Professional mobile app designers often use this technique to draw the user's attention to the most crucial aspects of the page. The only colorful element is the image or video of the instructor and the prominent “Sign Me Up” button, making it stand out from the rest of the text.

To establish whether MyVictory platform could support the uninterrupted video streams on different devices, BeCurious rolled out three months of usability testing, including necessary adjustments. The UX design was finally tested with the focus group before the live launch.

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MyVictory app design BeCurious Studio

A User-Friendly Design Uses A Hamburger Menu And Prominent CTAs To Facilitate Navigation

To help users navigate through the wealth of exercise choices, the app uses a hamburger main menu navigation hidden in the top-right corner of the screen.

The menu opens up several key links to direct users to their account, exercise types, daily advice section and other vital areas of the app.

The white menu icon is clearly visible against the transparent grey bar at the top of the screen.

Even more prominent are the diverse call-to-action buttons in vibrant yellow color, creating a striking contrast with the white background.

The CTAs are surrounded with plenty of negative space to differentiate them from the rest of the content. They also include varying copy requiring different actions from the users, such as “See Live Schedule,” “Explore On-Demand Library” and “Start Free Trial.”

MyVictory app

Minimal Design And On-Brand Colors Balance Out The All-Around Functionality Of MyVictory App

Branding experts understand that in certain apps function must trump form to serve the user's needs best. In the case of the MyVictory app, designers have made conscious choices to prioritize clarity and usability over decorative elements. This minimalist approach ensures that the app's key features are easily accessible and intuitive.

That is not to say the app is unappealing. Quite the contrary — the way the features and content correspond to the layout is nothing short of an art form. It takes a lot of expertise and thorough planning to reconcile the function with the appearance.

This task is even more difficult when there are existing brand colors to implement. MyVictory’s primary colors are yellow and white, visible in their logo.

These two colors dominate the app, as well.

The yellow hue is sufficiently dark to contrast the white, but to add more variety to the app’s palette, the design team added a dash of dark grey to certain elements, including the legible sans-serif typography.

MyVictory mobile app design

MyVictory App Design Is A Triumph Of A Great Cause With Universal Appeal

The solid foundations of MyVictory app design were laid with the extensive research of user journeys, agile design sprints that streamlined the app development process and consistent branding.

This project required the coordination of many moving parts to keep all the functionalities together and make them user-friendly.

The design’s priority was to provide an excellent user experience while keeping the live classes’ buffering speed at a maximum.

BeCurious remarks on the process of creating this app:

“The success of this project relied upon a deep understanding of the physical therapy process for cancer patients, while identifying the users this product would support. We identified many user personas: survivor, supporter, instructor, counsellor, admin and moderator.”

The perfect execution of an idea into the end-result is a rare feat. MyVictory health and wellness app may just be one of these rarities.

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