Optus Pay Modern App Design

Optus Pay uses modern, mobile technology to make paying for everything easier and faster. Instead of fumbling around for cash or a card, users simply tap their smartphone or their connected wearable to an NFC terminal to purchase their items.

Simplicity and ease-of use are the main focuses of Optus Pay’s design. After all, the company is competing with the tried, tested, and true method of handing over cash or paying by card. Therefore, the Optus Pay app needs to offer a faster process in order to gain the interest of customers. This is done through the use of large typography, a clean layout, and bright colors.

Optus Pay Clean App Design

The Optus Pay app allows users to view their balance quickly and clearly. When they’re standing at the register, users need to know if they have enough money to pay using Optus Pay. If not, the app makes it easy to load money from any bank account. Large, easy-to-read text and simple navigation buttons make this app clean and easy-to-use.

Optus Pay App Design

One of the most interesting elements of the Optus Pay app is its ability to extend beyond the boundaries of your smartphone screen. By using connected wearables, users can pay for purchases without even touching their smartphone. Consumers can quickly check their balance on their smartphone throughout the day and then leave their phone in their pocket. An app that makes your life easier is a winning program in our books.

Clean design, convenience, and ease-of-use: That’s the appeal of the Optus Pay app.

Optus Pay is a modern app design in the banking & finance industry.