PRIV Minimalist App Design

Priv caters to beauty addicts who want fast and easy access to beauty services like manicures, blowouts, and even personal training sessions from the privacy of their own homes. The app positions itself as “beauty and wellness professionals on demand.”

Using the app is as simple as using any other on demand service. Users open the app and select a service type (eg; nails, makeup) and within each category they can select specific services (eg; gel manicure). Users then select a “Priv Pro” from among the vetted professionals on the platform and choose a time and a location for their service. Each Priv Pro has a bio page where users can find a list of services and prices, as well as access their portfolio and reviews.

The Priv app has a clean, minimalist design done in a grey and white palette with pale blue accent colors. Clean iconography is used to represent each service category, helping to minimize copy on the screen and make selecting a service an intuitive visual process. These simple icons also inject charm and personality into the app, enhancing user enjoyment of the booking process.

Selecting and booking a stylist or esthetician is a seamless 4-step process, and users can even chat with their selected professional within the app itself. Payment is handled via the app as well.

Priv has earned comparisons to other on demand service apps, with many calling it “the Uber of beauty.” With its focus on convenience, and simple, intuitive user experience, it’s a comparison that is definitely warranted.

PRIV is a minimalist app design in the fashion & beauty industry.

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