Quizlet Minimalist App Design

Quizlet is a platform that helps users master their education and maximize study time by creating flashcards or simply working from an existing set created by another Quizlet user. Quizlet can help learners in a variety of topics -- from language vocabulary to SAT prep and nearly any subject at all levels of learning.

The app has a modern and modular design. Upon logging in users can search a topic they’re interested in studying and choose from a number of suggested sets from other users. Or, they can simply opt to create their own set. Users have the ability to create folders where they can organize all of their sets pertaining to one topic or subject.

For users with a learning deadline, Quizlet’s Learn feature will set up an adaptive plan to learn the topic by the specified date. This learning plan helps motivate the user with milestones and checkpoints, as well as ongoing study reminders to keep the learner on track. Users can track their progress toward their goal as they go along. Modules gradually increase in difficulty so learners are kept on track to learn the concepts and material by the deadline.

Quizlet’s design is sophisticated. The modular card approach makes the app feel intuitive and easy to navigate. The platform is clean and streamlined, which helps make it a distraction-free way to learn. Cool blue and green typography and design accents punctuate the otherwise white background. Typography is lightweight, modern, and minimalist and the app has a very cool vibe about it -- making it somewhere users will actually want to spend time.

Quizlet is a minimalist app design in the education industry.