Drops Fun App Design

Drops is an app designed to help users learn a new language in just five minutes per day. The app bills itself as “effortless language learning.”

The mission of Drops is to make language learning a fun experience instead of a boring one. The platform currently supports 28 different languages from some of the most commonly spoken, like English and Spanish to some more challenging choices like Korean.

The app accomplishes the goal of making language learning fun by gamifying the process. After selecting the language they want to learn and indicating their current level of ability, the user can choose from a number of different vocabulary categories, such as numbers, navigation, emotions, and colors.

With a category selected, the learning begins. The app presents a word to the user and allows them to swipe down to deposit the word in an illustrated image of a brain (indicating they want to learn the word) or swipe up to dismiss. A voice also speaks the word out loud so the user can hear what it sounds like. A series of game-like exercises helps the user learning the meaning of the word, and reinforces their association with the correct translation. Haptic feedback and microinteractions guide the user through the game.

Drops has a cheerful and friendly design aesthetic. Color is prominently used to denote different categories of learning, and illustration is a key design feature of the app. A simple tabbed navigation at the bottom of the screen gives users access to further areas of the app, ensuring Drops is a user-friendly app design.

Drops is a fun app design in the Education industry. 

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