Rise & Recharge Simple App Design

Rise & Recharge is an app built to help Australians move more and sit less. The app keeps track of time spent sitting and time spent walking. It incorporates a gamification element of earning stars to help encourage users to stay active throughout the day.

Rise & Recharge User Friendly App Design

Rise & Recharge users bright colors against a white background to achieve their minimalistic concept. There is not much textual content, and all buttons are large and easy to read. After all, the app is meant to get you moving, not make you spend time tapping away at your smartphone.

Rise & Recharge Clean App Design

The user experience is designed to be very simple and intuitive. People download the app, enter their own preferences, then start working toward a more active lifestyle. Notifications can be set to help keep users on track, and people can view how many stars they earn throughout the month.

Rise & Recharge Simple App Design

All images within the app are clean, minimalist illustrations. Their colorful design makes a beautiful focal point against the white background. Typography is simple, and text is kept to a minimum. Users can easily move through the app quickly, without feeling bogged down by text or unnecessary menus.

The beauty of the Rise & Recharge app is in its simplicity. Users can quickly get started and begin working toward a healthier lifestyle. The upbeat, bright colors help make the app feel fun, and the gamification element is a nice touch to this very well rounded, user-friendly app.

Rise & Recharge is a simple app design in the medical & pharmacy, non-profit and technology industries.