Walter Presents Elegant App Design

Walter Presents is a streaming service intended to introduce viewers to the best of foreign television drama. In the words of the service, with Walter Presents, users can “Watch the best drama series from all over the world selected especially for you by Walter. Walter Presents offers a highly-curated selection of the best foreign dramas on television. Each hand-selected program is available first and exclusive to Walter Presents subscribers. You won’t see these shows anywhere else.” Users can gain access to the content for a small monthly subscription fee, similar to any other streaming service.

Thecontent offered on Walter Presents is selected by a real human man, as opposed to an algorithm. Walter Iuzzolino is the man behind the selections -- a television producer from Italy, he spent two years watching shows, selecting only the best to be included on the platform.

The Walter Presents app is an extension of the streaming service, allowing users to watch content on the go. Users can explore and watch content through the app. On launch, the user is met with a homescreen intended to usher them into content exploration. Categories are arranged vertically, and users can scroll left and right to explore specific titles represented by poster images. Each title has an overview page, where users can read a synopsis, get info on actors and directors, and see an overview of episodes.

The design of the app features an interesting maroon palette, employed as the background color. A slightly lighter shade of maroon is used as an accent to orient users within the tabbed navigation at the bottom of the screen and to highlight calls-to-action. Bold white text is used throughout in a distinct typography that is at once visually-arresting and memorable.

Walter Presents is an elegant app design in the Entertainment industry.