Zently Friendly App Design

Zently says of itself: “Finally, an app built for renters.” The app is developed to streamline the renting process and take care of many tedious renting to-dos. “We'll split house bills, ping you when rent is paid, mail your checks, and tell you when the sink will be fixed.”

The Zently app features a friendly chatbot that helps users accomplish the tasks that need completing. To begin with, the bot asks the user for their address, and for information from their roommates so everyone in the household can set up an account.

With Zently, users can accomplish a number of tasks, all of them accessible from the tabbed navigation menu at the bottom of the screen. There’s the option to schedule a monthly rent payment -- Zently will pay the landlord via electronic transfer or even cut a physical check, depending on the preferred method of payment. Renters can also allow Zently to automatically track and split bills between roommates. Zently will even contact the landlord in order to schedule apartment maintenance work.

The Zently app features a modern and functional app design. The chatbot is useful for prompting users on how to get the most from the app and it makes accomplishing tasks feel seamless.

The app has a playful aesthetic that is well-suited to appeal to its core demographic (young people who are more likely to be renters living with roommates). The bright green accent color works well against the navy and white background colors used throughout the design. Overall, Zently is a useful tool with a beautiful app design.

Zently is a friendly app design in the Real Estate industry. 

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