Grabbitt Typography Logo Design

Grabbitt is an application developed by Austin based startup Ownitt Technologies. By utilizing geo-location, customers can be granted instant access to products and information with just a few clicks on their mobile device.

The company chose DIA agency to design their logo.

Here we see the company name on a black textured background. "Grabb" is in #66C73A green and "itt" is in pure white. This is a wonderful contrast and dichotomy that separates the two words.

The "i" is interconnected and appears to be grabbing the "tt." The ligature allows all future products to be housed under a logo that transfers to multiple mediums.

Personality is exuded through this logo. It is a careful balance between fun and professional. The "itt" naming device allowed Grabbitt to establish a vast product ecosystem as they launched two different applications.

Grabbitt Logo Design

The Grabbitt logo design is seen on business cards. The logo translates to both black and white backgrounds and looks very attractive.

The green is bright enough to stand out from dark backgrounds and is authoritative. Color use in logos should always be vibrant and visually attractive.

Grabbitt Branding

The logo is seen on a variety of merchandise, from tote bags to stationary. This also matches the play on words "Grabbitt" as the objects the logo is merchandised on can be grabbed.

Implementing clever design via naming devices increases brand awareness through mental repetition. The more consumers associate the product with everyday actions, the greater the chance of remembering the brand.

DIA utilized a brand name that served as a naming device to translate it to a variety of mediums which increases memory retention in the minds of consumers. Connecting letters in ligatures can have a profound impact on the originality and unique eye-catching qualities of logos. They took Grabbit and turned the name into an iconic brand.

Grabbit is a typography logo design in the Technology industry.