IBM Blue Mix Geometric Logo Design

The IBM garage is a set of locations around the world embedded in startup communities where they have application developers, designers, and architects who can help clients accelerate their innovation and actually build cloud native applications.

The platform is the IBM cloud platform with a variety of native tools to allow startups to deploy new features in public and private clouds.

The logo has a variety of features that make it stand out. Three multicolored hexagons in blue, green, and black with an inner white circle and 3D pyramid combine to conjure the logo symbol.

Hexagons represent applications on the cloud. Each hexagon contains a different shade or level of each app, which denotes the complexity of features in applications.

An inner white circle symbolizes the connectivity and instant availability of deploying each of these features in a seamless and uninterrupted manner. The blue, green and black color tones appeal to the digital ecosystem that offers the suite of services by IBM.

This logo has a 3D feel to it as if one can grab each app and customize it with their very hands. That is the symbolism IBM wants to convey. Startups can control new features in a hands-on and seamless experience.

The words “IBM” and “Bluemix” are gray. “Bluemix” is bold to represent the service brand name.

A triangle within the circle appears like a navigational compass. IBM is pointing startups in the right direction with Bluemix. The tool allows them to not only utilize application services, but actual developers dedicated to growing their companies and deploying innovative new features to customers faster than ever before.

The logo is friendly and inviting and retains a techie feel that looks great in digital mediums.

IBM Blue Mix Logo Design

IBM Blue Mix is a geometric logo design in the Technology industry.