SendGrid Geometric Logo Design

SendGrid is based in Denver, Colorado. The company features a customer communication platform for transactional and email marketing. SendGrid was founded by Isaac Saldana, Jose Lopez, and Tim Jenkins in 2009.

The SendGrid Logo was redesigned in 2016 by Evan Huwa. Logo redesign goals included evolving their brand identity to reflect SendGrid’s market expansion and growth and modernize the visual brand for a variety of mediums.

When someone first looks at the logo, the blue squares pop out. Within the squares are two arrows which symbolize communication. The overlapping represents engagement. Dark blue squares on the outside of the logo are messages each party is sending.

The logo font type is Colfax. A closer look at the letter “I” reveals that it is shaped in the number one. This symbolizes SendGrid being the one platform for all of their client’s communication needs.

The dark blue is #1A82E3. The lighter blue is #01B3E3, and #99E2F5. The blue colors illustrate the visual power of effective color contrasting. Using color contrasting in logo design will turbocharge visual interest. Blue is a color of peace and calm and connectivity. The choice of this blue makes the symbol sparkle like a diamond in the rough.


SendGrid Great Logo Design

The color of the SendGrid name is #243745. This dark navy is very regal and reassuring. Combined with the Colfax font, we see a modern logo that commands attention and separates itself from a variety of competitors thanks to a wonderful use of shape and color contrasting.

An important to note aspect of this logo design is the use of repetition within the squares. Repetition triggers the human mind to remember information. This is an example of a logo that not only will be remembered, but will thrive in the digital ecosystem.

SendGrid Logo Design

SendGrid is a geometric logo design in the Technology industry.