Abirami Unique Packaging Design

Abirami showcases rice as a sacred symbol of abundance, where every grain is important and treated with care. This neat packaging is authentic, unique, and displays the product well. The brand supercedes trends and gives their customers a more personalized approach. 

Abirami Awesome Packaging Design

Each type of rice has its own individualized package, which includes a folk element that resembles a part of India where the rice is grown. In the middle of each package, an image of rice in a bowl creates the illusion of serving the product for a meal. 

Abirami Great Packaging Design

The color palette is really pleasant -- it combines dark, muted colors with yellow and orange elements that pop. These packages are far from boring, and truly tell the story of the areas they come from.

Abirami Packaging Design

Abirami is a great packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.