Bbox Stunning Packaging Design

Binyamina Winery was founded in 1952 by Joseph Zeltzer as Eliaz Winery in the town of Binyamina, Israel. Binyamina Winery is Israel’s fifth largest winery, producing about 2.8 million bottles of wine annually. The winery members, led by the chief winemaker, understand very well that good wine starts in the vineyard. Many resources are invested to that end, in order to find the very best vineyard plots to create the best product.

When people think about wine, they immediately think about a wine bottle. The people at Binyamina winery wanted people to think differently about wine, and enlisted the help of Israeli design agency Awesome TLV to help design the packaging. That’s how Bbox came into inception.

Bbox is simply wine in a box with a small tap. The wine itself is preserved within a 3 liter air-tight bag that allows the wine to be fresh for a long period of time. This is a fundamental feature that allows the consumer to enjoy a glass of wine without any worries of having to finish the entire bottle in one sitting.

Bbox Engaging Packaging Design

Wine in a box is an international trend, but it was the first time this kind of product was being introduced to and produced specifically for the Israeli market. Thus the challenge was to create a change in the perception of consumers in the Israeli market.

The nature of the Bbox product was clear: it is meant to serve family and friends, as well as any get-together in general. Thus, the design of the product was conceptualized as easy and fun to use. The task of designing this product was to create a younger, simpler and different wine drinking product.

The designers at Awesome TLV designed a craft paper package box rich with fun wordings along with examples of wordplay that make Bbox stand out. The boxes are cardboard-brown in color, with fun quirky colors and fonts printed on them. The colors used are white, black and a deep burgundy color, which is reminiscent of the color of red wine. The burgundy patches have text written on them in solid white lettering that is on the heavier side. The white contrasts excellently with the burgundy color, ensuring that attention immediately goes to it.

White and black lettering, in bold upper-case text, has also been printed on the brown boxes, enhancing the design and adding a colorful charm to it. The packaging gives off a fun, youthful and vibrant vibe, while also maintaining the brand’s identity of producing high-quality wine.

Bbox Packaging Design

The boxes are topped off with a white colored handle, which complements the color palettes used in the design. The combination of black, burgundy and white set off the brown cardboard box excellently, ensuring that the Bbox would appeal to consumers who are looking for something easy yet still incredibly special for any occasion.

With fun texts, bright colors and bold fonts, the Bbox has been creatively designed and executed. It adds utility, charm and personality to the wine drinking experience.

Bbox is a top package design in the Food & Beverage industry.