Guilty Packaging Design

Standout Features:

  • Diverse, minimalist illustrations of girls
  • Variations in design
  • Beige, neutral blue, and bold red color scheme

The packaging design for Guilty showcases a charming folksy illustration of a girl, accompanied by bold typography for a striking visual impact. Designer Silviya Mancheva created multiple variations of these girls, using muted shades to evoke gentle and relaxing feelings.

In Guilty’s packaging design, there are two unifying elements across variations: the interchangeable hairpin, which reflects each girl’s individuality, and the shared posture of bowed heads and closed eyes. The diverse hairpins celebrate uniqueness, while the girls’ posture conveys introspection, reinforcing the company’s motto of "500 gr of guilty pleasure.”

Lastly, its wide range of colors, spanning from calm beige to bold red, adds another layer to the diversity of its design. This rich color palette heightens the design’s visual appeal and versatility.

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