Haudegen Beer Fun Packaging Design

Bolimond Constantin combines the tradition of brewing and excitement of club parties in this modern beer's packaging.


Haudegen Beer Awesome Packaging Design

These bottles enable the buyer to "visualize the taste of beer in the package." There are three flavors -- coca leaves, ginger porter, and ale pepper -- and the bottles display two very different visual elements: Colors and shapes. 

Haudegen Beer Great Packaging Design

Those two concepts are embodied in the logotype, which is reminiscent of German fonts. The label also informs consumers that the produce has been grown in Germany since 1835.


Haudegen Beer Cool Packaging Design

The graphics on the glass also resemble an old post office stamp, and a royal seal covers the cap. These two elements emphasize the idea of old and traditional.

Haudegen Beer Packaging Design

The overall packaging uses fun and bright graphic shapes across the entire bottle, which add personality throughout the entire package.

Haudegen Beer is a cool packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.