Thelma's Treats Oven Box Playful Packaging Design

Thelma’s Treats is a food delivery service in Des Moines, Iowa specializing in delivering freshly baked warm cookies and handmade ice cream sandwiches. The business is named after the owner’s great-grandmother, Thelma, who loved baking for the family. She was famous was her snickerdoodle recipe, a variation of which Thelma’s Treats continues to use. The brand is grounded in traditional American baking, and the packaging reflects its identity.

The packaging of the cookies is unique - it replicates an oven. The rectangular brown cardboard container is designed so that when opened, the cookies can be pulled out like are fresh from an oven. Since the brand identity focuses on freshly baked warm cookies, this packaging is very appealing. It is cleverly designed, keeping in mind the space requirements of the cookies, and also has a fun element to it.

On the top of the box are four attractively designed light blue and brown hexagonal rounds, resembling stove tops. There are also shapes indicative of the gas monitors which control how high or low the stove flame can be. A simple “Thelma’s” logo is printed in-between, completing the packaging. The designers have gone all out to make sure that the cookie boxes resemble an actual traditional American stove & oven.

The color combination used -- light blue and dark brown, printed on a light brown cardboard box -- is aesthetically designed. The colors compliment each other while also providing good contrast. The design is well-spaced and not chaotic to the eye at all.

It is also informative about Thelma’s Treats brand. Without using any text, the brand identity manages to get conveyed. It exudes homeliness, tradition, and comfort, with the promise of delightfully fresh cookies.

Thelma’s Treats’ packaging offers a unique visual experience, with the texture element of design playing a big role. It is creative and innovative and represents the company brand very well.

Thelma's Treats Oven Box is a playful packaging design in the Distribution, E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.