Hinoki (slide 1)

This packaging, designed for Hinoki by NINE is more than just something to hold a product. It merges ingenuity, practicality, and a clean design all into one simple but stunning package. These travel packages for Hinoki skincare products are biodegradable. The minimalist design makes consumers feel like the brand is a no-frills, no unnecessary additives, kind of brand. However, there is nothing on the packing that actually says that. It’s just another example of how packaging can say something without actually spelling it out in words.

Hinoki (slide 2)

The biodegradable aspect of the travel packaging is a nice added touch. Environmentally conscious travelers can pack these products knowing that, no matter where they are, they can responsibly dispose of the waste. It’s one thing for a brand to say they’re a company that cares about the environment but when they actually do something beyond words; it says so much more. Hinoki shows with their packaging design that they aren’t just talking the talk, they’re also walking the walk.

The color choices and minimalist design of this packaging also makes people feel better about throwing into the garbage rather than recycling. If the packaging was a bright, bold color then it might feel unnatural to throw away and trust when Hinoki says their packaging is biodegradable.

The Hinoki travel packaging design by NINE shows that good packing doesn’t have to be wildly colorful or bold. Clean design and minimalism can be just as attention grabbing as anything.

Hinoki is a gorgeous packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty industry.