Juicy Juice Awesome Packaging Design

Juicy Juice is iconic. Multiple generations associate Juicy Juice with their childhoods where our mothers would pack our favorite flavor juice box into our lunches.

The process of poking the straw through and taking that first sip—those were the days.

Juice box packaging has remained the same for decades. Square or rectangle shapes dominated since their inception.

Juicy Juice needed a packaging design that elevated their iconic brand.

Preston Grubbs was chosen for the project. Preston is a multi-disciplinary designer with a vast portfolio of clients where he redesigns apps, websites, and physical packaging.

We see a completely original and creative result. The rectangle Juice boxes are boring. Preston created an entirely new form.

Depending on the flavor of the juice, the box is shaped like the actual fruit. In this case, we have an orange shaped juice box with orange coloring that commands attention and most importantly—is fun.

A mesh net bag contains each slice which perfectly fit into a ground ball, as if one is picking up oranges from the produce section.

A green tag resembles the leaf of an orange and ties the bag together with twine.

Juicy Juice Fun Packaging Design

A close up view of the box shows the Juicy Juice logo in all white lettering on a vibrate and tangy orange background. Even the thickness of the straw gives the impression that you are plunging into an actual orange. This also symbolizes that Juicy Juice products are all natural and contain 100 percent juice.

Juicy Juice Packaging Design

Another two images above show how remarkable this transformation truly is.

Preston Grubbs took an ordinary and boring (yet classic) Juicy Juice box and elevated its prominence through thoughtful packaging design.

He made the box a metaphor and symbol for the actual fruit it comes from.

This package design makes Juice boxes fun and exciting for kids and will surely carry on an impact like the original Juicy Juice box did for generations to come.

Juicy Juice is a creative packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.