Ludlow Blunt Elegant Packaging Design

A classy man deserves a classy product to help him look his best. Many men’s grooming products are made to appeal to younger men. Ludlow Blunt aims to offer a luxury product that sets itself apart from the rest.

Ludlow Blunt Vintage Packaging Design

There’s a very clear Victorian-style inspiration in these designs. The gold text on the bottles looks classy, and it immediately creates a feeling of luxury. The bottles almost resemble expensive alcohols. The cylinder packaging mimics the same type of container that an expensive bottle of Scotch would be held in, right down to the golf typeface and embellishments.

Ludlow Blunt Classic Packaging Design

The glass bottle design does an amazing job of creating a feeling of quality. If you were to hold this bottle in one hand while you hold a plastic shampoo bottle in the other, which do you think your brain would tell you is best? Quality packaging materials don’t always mean quality product, but you likely wouldn’t see a cheap shampoo brand package their product like this.

Ludlow Blunt Packaging Design

If you’re now feeling like you want a drink of nice Scotch, some Don Julio, or maybe a glass of Hennessey,then you aren’t alone. These bottles are clearly meant to be an acknowledgement of those brands. Ludlow Blunt uses established luxury brand appearances and to their advantage to create a feeling of luxury and timelessness. It’s easy to forget you’re looking at men’s grooming products when you take a peek at this incredible product packaging.

Ludlow Blunt is a classic packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty industry.