Of Unusual Kind Paper Dolls (slide 1)

With such a wide variety of toys available for people to buy, how does a simple paper doll set itself apart from every other plaything? With upscale, trendy packaging—that’s how.

Of Unusual Kind Paper Dolls (slide 2)

The packaging allows the doll to be on full display, equipped with only a small black label. The typeface looks fun, like handwriting on a chalkboard. Bright colors capture your eye, starting with the clothing on the doll, and including the patterned background.

Of Unusual Kind Paper Dolls (slide 3)

On the back of the packaging, customers can learn more about their specific paper doll and see the outfit choices that come with the doll. The result is a very sleek packaging that fits the style of the paper dolls themselves. Each doll has her own unique container, as well. The theme is similar across each of the doll packages, but some details—like the background pattern and colors—will change to reflect each doll’s unique personality and style.

It’s almost impossible to compete with other toy brands that have multimillion-dollar marketing budgets. Rather than try to be like the other dolls on the market, Of Unusual Kind has made their paper dolls unique with their smart packaging design.

Of Unusual Kind Paper Dolls is a playful packaging design in the Entertainment industry.