Pepsi X JLA Clean Packaging Design

Packaging design is what drives demand. That nagging feeling of an itch waiting, ever so waiting to be itched. This is the impulse leading to the sale. To describe the traits of the best packaging design is to lower the threshold value of art executed so right by so few. We must go on. We must describe that which the eyes can take in to make our brains interpret sights that sometimes are better left seeing: beauty.

Traits like impact. Traits like authenticity and relevance. This is your opportunity to impact the first experience of the first touch between brand and consumer. You control that experience. You can paint it. Like a modern Michelangelo laying brush upon the canvas to produce The Creation of Adam. How do we seize this moment? Let us study how to design student Jenny Joe created a pixel-inspired design concept for Pepsi.

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Pepsi X JLA Modern Packaging Design

Her assignment? What was her design assignment you ask? To create a packaging campaign using augmented reality as the inspiration. Yes, the augmented world. A world we know not for the impact hath reveal itself fully. It is far too early. We can think. We can imagine. Perhaps we can see an immersed world filled with pixels not within our screens but outward from our eyes and on objects that move in front of us as if they were real.

Pepsi X JLA Awesome Packaging Design

In this top packaging design concept. DC comics partnered with Pepsi to assemble a collection of cans displaying the characters of Justice League of America. If one unlocks the pixel graphic on the can, Pepsi X JLA gifts a consumer experience by revealing the hidden superheroes who will battle with other people at ComicCon.

Pepsi X JLA App Design

The immersion of colors and pixelation create a cohesive theme. Cohesiveness is paramount in securing a rank amongst the best packaging designs in the world. It creates familiarity which triggers the neurons in the consumer's brain to birth a memory and associates a feeling with a product. Good or bad, the consumer will remember this first experience for an underestimated number of moons.

The bold bright coloring of the cans flows with the character color theme. This is where the digital and physical worlds inch closer to merging. This is the first step of augmented reality and it is happening at breakneck speed.

Each pixel color is robust and riveting. The colors are so bright and beautiful that one wants to place down the can and soak in the blues and red instead. The font is not obtrusive. It sits. Like a morning dove waiting for his mate to meander back to his nest.

Simplify your design, as this incredible concept did. Make a connection between two worlds and dash forth through the feeling that the future fortunes of those that are fortunate to formulate a familiar picture of what can be foretold. Make sure to check out our article on Pepsi logo design.

Pepsi X JLA is a modern packaging design in the Entertainment and Food & Beverage industries. 

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