Popok3 Fun Packaging Design

A wooden crate reminiscent of something stored in a military depot for soldiers before battle has PO3 stamped in freight lettering on top. Dark green and rugged baggies contain gifts for the judges — including a whiskey only fit for soldiers of creativity.

Popok3 Creative Packaging Design

Amazing print design creates buzz. Imagine the word of mouth that spread because of these target posters. Talk about buzzworthy. These posters could be hung in a room as a souvenir. They are not only creative achievements, they are plain cool.

The colors and military walnut characters created by Backbone deserve an award in their own category.

The fun and metaphoric militaristic battle of creativity is beautifully displayed via target posters with eye catching colors and actual physical bullet holes.

Print is supposed to serve as a catalyst for word of mouth.

As Will Ferell would note, this print design “Gets the people goin’”!

Popok3 Creative Print Design

Popok is an international advertising festival and bienalle held event headquartered in Armenia. Backbone branding was challenged with developing an identity, diplomas, and fit idea for the judges committee.

This festival is more than a festival. It is a battle of creativity. A war. A culmination of creative duels where only the best emerges victorious.

And there lay the inspiration for the identity that Backbone pursued: The Military. Popok means walnut in Armenian.

They designed military brand characters based on walnuts. Genius. Absolute nutty genius. They didn’t just create one character. They created thirty.

Popok3 Print Design

Amazing packaging design makes the audience look twice. They may look three times with the genius targeting poster that Backbone created. It is plastered with gold and silver and black. Freight lettering outlines the festival name. “Veni Vidi Gold” is a phenomenal play on the classic “We came, We saw, We conquered” phrase. Bullet holes outline the outside and inside of the target.

Popok3 is a creative packaging design in the Advertising industry.