Thrive Market Product Line Packaging Design

Thrive Market’s Baby Product Packaging Is Cute And Clever

Thrive Market is a membership community for people who want healthy, natural products. This brand delivers these products directly to their customers at wholesale prices — because they believe products that are good for you shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

The Thrive Market mission is to provide their members with healthy and natural products at prices 25 to 50 percent less than retail value. They are passionate about sustainability and social justice, so you know they’re a brand that can be trusted.

And they want their customers to trust them. They want to provide the best and put their customers at ease.

This is a very socially aware and progressive brand. They are committed to an honest, healthy and politically active lifestyle. And their products match this dedication in their look and style as well.

Thrive Market delivers a range of products, from food to cleaning supplies and to baby products. The team at Thrive Market recently unveiled a new line of baby products that needed packaging that was fun, creative and clever.

According to the team, “the task was to come up with something playful, vibrant, and not gender specific, and yet somehow live with the rest of our Thrive Market brand. We decided on an illustration-heavy design. Creating a wild-animal theme for the diapers, and an undersea theme for the diaper wipes.”

And you can definitely see this playful vibrancy in this packaging.

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Thrive Market Diaper Packaging Design

Thrive Market’s Packaging Makes Use Of Silly Illustrations To Exude A Childlike Vibe

The products in this new line include diapers and baby wipes, and to really embrace this childlike wonder and excitement, the team at Thrive Market went with a theme based on wild animals and aquatic creatures.

The results was a myriad of illustrations all depicting cute little animals hanging from trees and grazing across plains. On the boxes, these designs are outlined in a bright blue coloring, and they are the cutest things.

On the packaging for the wipes, these illustrations are filled in and silly. There’s a more definitive underwater theme here, and the adorable sea creatures demand to be seen as the float across the packaging.

The setting in these wipes is completely underwater. You can see the seafloor and bubbles floating around the blue waters.

The designers at Thrive Market went all out with these illustrations. They are creative, funky and fun. They promote curiosity and wonder. They exude excitement and playfulness.

These illustrations add a personality and flair to this design that really rounds it out and makes it approachable. It feels natural and authentic. These products can be trusted.

Thrive Market Baby Wipes Packaging Design

Thrive Market’s Baby Product Packaging Designs Promote Gender Neutrality With Color

But it’s not just the illustrations that stand strong in this packaging design.

Another impactful element in this design is the color used — on the packaging and in the typography. There’s a bright, baby blue that lines the boxes, outlines the text and sits as a border to these boxes.

This color stands out against the all-natural looking box and promotes authenticity. But it also promotes gender neutrality.

These designs don’t discriminate. And they aren’t created to put little babies in traditional gender roles. Instead, they promote positivity and the elimination of old traditions in favor of more progressive and modern ones.

The focus is on fun in this design. And being such a progressive brand themselves, Thrive Market knew that the packaging needed to reflect their mission and values in a simple yet effective way.

These creative illustrations a non-gender-specific color scheme emphasizes these passions in an elegant and clean way.

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Thrive Market Box Packaging Design

Thrive Market’s Packaging Is Innovative And Exciting

Thrive Market chose a playful and creative theme for its baby product line. They went with wild animals and aquatic life to add an enthusiastic and childlike edge to their packaging which lightened the whole mood of the line.

There’s an effervescence to these designs that touches the child within.

From their clever use of illustrations to the bright colors used along with these designs, there’s no shying away from these clever diaper boxes and baby wipes.

Typography is whimsical and creative, playing in well with the overall theme. But there’s a deeper meaning to these designs than just a silly and imaginative style choice.

These packages promote gender neutrality. They don’t appeal to girls or boys, but to children as a whole. They rebel against traditional gender norms and work to inform and inspire parents to do the same in other aspects of their lives.

These designs are innovative and revolutionary. They open minds and make people smile. These packages truly are the beginning of something greater.

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