Aromaticat Awesome Packaging Design

Aromaticat is scented cat litter that comes in scents such as apple garden, lavender sprinkles, and classic (hints of ocean air and the beach). While different, each package maintains overarching similarities that keep a consistent brand. 


Aromaticat Clean Packaging Design

Each package has a different background behind the cat that speaks to the particular scent. Classic scene displays water and tropical surroundings while simultaneously representing cleanliness.


Aromaticat Illustrated Print Design

An adorable cat is the focal point of the packaging. He peaks out of the garden of leaves and flowers and, in a way, welcomes the viewer into the company's world. 

Aromaticat Illustrated Packaging Design

This package grabs the users' attention -- especially for those who have (or love!) cats. It's playful, colorful, bright, and lively.


Aromaticat Packaging Design

Purple and lavender flowers can be seen for the lavender sprinkle scent, and apple garden showcases the fruit and ar ed and pink color palette.

Aromaticat is an illustrated packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail industry.