BJS Storage and Distribution Clean Print Design

Moirae Creative Agency were tasked with the challenge of reinventing the BJS brand which was tainted with some fundamental errors. The logo and print materials contained downward motions and the overall message was not perceived in the intended way, which ultimately resulted in a less than satisfactory brand image.

Darren Shaw, Commercial Director of BJS said, “Working with Moirae on our rebrand has revolutionised our business. As key players in the distribution market, we needed to improve our image to match the standard and quality of our business.”

Moirae were able to create a dynamic brand consisting of a new logo, vehicle design, and marketing materials. Included in that were the refreshing of the print materials used by BJS. These materials were created with the wider business objective in mind: to showcase the BJS brand to new clients and help open doors into new markets.

BJS Storage and Distribution Corporate Print Design

The color schemes used throughout the BJS brand consists of a deep red accompanied by white and black for text and some iconography. The use of white adds professionalism to the materials, offering a clean and tidy setting for the bolder black iconography and text to stand out where needed.

BJS Storage and Distribution Great Print Design

The striking red used as the primary brand color represents the strength and passion that BJS desired to be associated with their firm. Naturally, the red has the effect of standing out from other colors and thus, add a distinguishing feel to the print materials.

The arrows used reflect a forward moving business, which is quite the contrast to the previous BJS brand which as mentioned, was portrayed in the opposite fashion.

BJS Storage and Distribution Print Design

The consistent use of italics and heavy weighting on the headings is incredibly impactful throughout the brand, but particularly on these print materials. Using the theme of arrows at various points through the print materials only adds to the emphasis placed on the importance of moving in the right direction.

BJS Storage and Distribution is a corporate print design in the Distribution industry.