Federal National Council Affairs Gorgeous Print Design

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA) has the responsibility of ensuring that everything runs smoothly for the Federal Advisory Council.

Ahead of the launch of the 2016 session, Abu-Dhabi based design agency Bond worked with the Minister and her team towards developing a series of new collateral. The designs were created with a minimalistic and fresh approach, and the packaging, books, and accompanying animations were given as gifts to all 40 members of the Council as well as to all the Cabinet Ministers in order to clearly communicate the procedures of the Council.

Federal National Council Affairs Elegant Print Design

The color tones and designs are kept to a bare minimum, evoking a sense of authority and officiality. On the outer packaging, the gold lettering is offset brilliantly on the cream background, and the gold government emblem is nicely balanced by the three lines of gold text next to it.

The font spacing on the packaging is also minimal, but not simplistic. It commands the eye’s attention and is representative of power.

Federal National Council Affairs Minimal Print Design

The interior of the packaging is beautifully designed, with individual slots for stationery like notepads and envelopes.

The colors used are light pastel shades: Cream, mint, and beige. All the stationery contains a colored emblem instead of the gold emblem on the cover. This colored logo manages to offset the neutral tones brilliantly. The font used is thin and elegant, and is a dark maroon, standing out against the light background colors.

Federal National Council Affairs Clean Print Design

The elegantly boxed feeling of the packaging adds an element of texture to the print design, another point in its favor.

Federal National Council Affairs Print Design

Overall, the design is fresh, natural, and elegant; it’s not cluttered at all, and is very easy on the eyes. It evokes a sense of authority, power, and responsibility.

Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs is a gorgeous print design in the Government and Professional Services industries.