New Eden Vivid Print Design

Since the days of Pong, gaming has been increasing in popularity and shows no signs of stopping. Games transport us to a virtual world where we can be anything we want. From a hero battling space aliens to a mythological warlock destined to save the realm from extinction, games bring out our inner hero.

New Eden is a book that celebrates amazing game environments. Designers Alexander Venus, Christian Ernst and Robyn Soyka created this strong print design, which features a one-off cover and a beautiful minimalistic text and photo layout.

The above photo shows Mirror’s edge and the game environment, where players can swing around and perform insane free running acrobatics across the tops of skyscrapers. The game title sits in the perfect font size in the upper left corner.

On the right is a unifying iconography theme that denotes the features in the game. A small text blurb sits on the upper right side along with a mini rectangle picture of a different level perspective.

The layout of these games within this book are outstanding. Most books and magazines that display games place pictures of multiple sizes in five to ten areas on two pages. Then the reader has to face with information overload as different text blurbs accompany each photo.

New Eden removes the clutter and chaos, presenting information in a peaceful way so the reader can actually enjoy the content. They get just enough information before moving onto the next game.

New Eden Elegant Print Design

The biggest feature that makes New Eden an example of best print design is the cover. This is not an ordinary cover. The cover is laser-engraved out of wood.

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New Eden Textured Print Design

A closer view shows the gorgeous, textured wood finish. This is a collectible book that gamers can cherish. Most gaming books are flimsy and experience tears and crinkles after a week of page flipping. But this book is protected. It can withstand the chaotic searches for information that gamers yearn for as they flip page after page.

New Eden Colorful Print Design

The inside of the book shows a visually pleasing table of contents. The games are divided into different categories, and each category represents a different part of the map.

The games are listed in a perfect vertical display of symmetrical delight. Readers can match the game icon to a spot on the map to find the genre they are interested in searching.

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New Eden Print Design

A closer view of the map reveals the gorgeous and sturdy page design in this book. The bright and vivid color scheme is crystal clear.

New Eden is creatively utilizes a laser-engraved wood cover, crystal clear photography and minimalistic content layout. These elements remove the pain points that gaming book predecessors tortured gamers with for years.

Some of these pain points include flimsy pages, too many pictures of different sizes, and a chaotic jumbling of information overload.

But Alexander Venus, Christian Ernst and Robyn Soyka truly created a New Eden, not in the form of game environments, but of a book design itself.

New Eden: A Book Celebrating Great Game Environment Design is a vivid print design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries. 

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