Choeur Assonance Bright Print Design

Choeur Assonance is a mixed choir consisting of over 100 talented singers. This package design focuses on the posters of the concerts. Designed by Grapheine, the posters illustrate the unique theme of each concert via classic paintings to provide Choeur Assonance with a unique stand out style and identity.

Choeur Assonance Clean Print Design

Beautiful Fin Condensed font is used on official choir communication letters. A mellow pink and dark yellow blend with each other to portray the art of classical singing.

Choeur Assonance Colorful Print Design

The best print designs make people look more than once. They don’t just capture attention. They are attention.

They spark curiosity. They ignite imagination. They make people step in closer to learn more. 

Choeur Assonance Modern Print Design

When most people think of classical music or choirs, they think of something boring. Bold and bright modern colors mixed with classical art do not come to mind.

Grapheine set the standard for print design with these posters. Each poster is art.

Choeur Assonance Gorgeous Print Design

Each poster is transparent and through the transparency the classical painting is merged. No one has ever seen anything like this before.

It is visually striking. A contrast between old and new. A delicate and interwoven medley of modern technology and timeless art.

The message sent is that if you come to these concerts, you won’t be witnessing an ordinary group of singers.

Choeur Assonance Beautiful Print Design

You will witness something timeless. Something that combines classic and modern. Vintage melodies that strike through the soul via an avant-garde show.

Choeur Assonance Contemporary Print Design

Symphonies that seep through the air with soundwaves that send shivers of joy to all in attendance.

Mozart meets Michael Angelo. Saint-Saens La Nuit crosses paths with Van Gogh.

To bring people in like a bear is drawn to honey, they must be captivated by the unseen.

Choeur Assonance Great Print Design

Grapheine’s print design package not only captivates, it innovates. The posters tell a story.

Choeur Assonance Print Design

The message communicated is thrilling: Yes, you can view classical paintings. But what if you could hear it, too?

Choeur Assonance is a modern print design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.