Private Lomonosov School Brilliant Print Design

Private Lomonosov School is a place of education which is steeped in history. It is meant to be truly an international school in terms of both, offering accredited International Baccalaureate programs, as well as enrolling international students. In 2017 the school celebrated its 25th anniversary, and to commemorate this remarkable date, the need for a new corporate identity was felt. Russian design agency Loco Studio designed this rebranding,including a sophisticated new coat of arms. The new print design is in line with the brand identity of the school.

Private Lomonosov School Elegant Print Design

The stationery is in a deep maroon shade, exuding an aura of classic history and elegance. The font used is a bright white, complementing the maroon background brilliantly, and also providing a great contrast. It makes for a very visually appealing design, ensuring that attention is not detracted away from the design. The font used is a mix of upper and lower case, with the logo of the school in upper case and other information in a smaller, lower case font. The font is well-spaced and balanced out, making it easy to read.

Private Lomonosov School Print Design

The newly designed logo of the school includes an elaborate design, reminiscent of a renaissance-era coat of arms. Enclosed within it is a tree, signifying growth and learning. The design surrounding the tree includes animals and written words, combining to create a sophisticated and elegant look.

The logo is printed in a light golden-yellow shade, once again contrasting brilliantly with the maroon and white combination of the print design. It is creatively and cleverly designed, eye-catching, and memorable.

Overall, the print design of Private Lomonosov School is an excellent example of a design that effectively uses elements like shape, space, focus, and color. It is visually very appealing, and maintains an elegant and polished aesthetic, in line with its historical identity.

Private Lomonosov School Branding by Loco Studio is a brilliant print design in the Education industry. 

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